If you are looking to slow things down and switch things up, try taking a break from the fast life and relax on the green with a game of golf in GTA V Online.

How to Play Golf in GTA Online V

  1. Open the map in the Pause Menu.
  2. Locate the Golf icon on your Map.
  3. Set a way point and head over to the Los Santos Golf Club.
  4. Once you arrive, exit your vehicle and press the "Interact" button to play golf.
  5. Set your preferred game parameters and hit "Confirm Settings".
  6. Select "Play" to begin playing the game.

Golf can be played solo or with up to 4 players. The rules for Golf in GTA V Online follow the traditional golf game rules.

Long story short, you will need to get the ball into the hole using the minimum amount of strokes to score the maximum amount of points. If you're not up to par on your golf lingo here is a refresher on some useful terms.

The Cheat Sheet:

  • Stroke: Any swing forward of a golf club by a golfer who is trying to strike the golf ball.
  • Par: The exact amount of shots needed to complete the course.
  • Hole in one: Finish in a single shot. Also referred to as an Ace.
  • Condor: 4 under par.
  • Double Eagle: 3 under par. Globally referred to as an Albatross.
  • Eagle: 2 under par.
  • Birdie: 1 under par.
  • Bogey: 1 over par.
  • Double Bogey: 2 over par.
  • Triple Bogey: 3 over par.
  • Quadruple Bogey: 4 over par.

The control scheme of golf in GTA boils down to essentially 3 main mechanics: What club you select for the shot, the amount of force behind your swing, and adjusting the directionality of your stroke to dial it in perfectly.

The Shot Types

There are four different types of shots in the game: Normal, Power, Approach, and Punch. The normal shot is your standard swing providing you with an average amount of distance and accuracy. The best of both worlds. A Power shot will give you maximum distance and low accuracy. The approach shot sacrifices some power or distance but provides you with higher levels of spin and accuracy while making its way towards the green. Last but not least, the punch shot travels much lower and is great for niche situations like navigating trees or chipping onto the putting green.

The Clubs

The type of club you select will affect both the height and the distance of your shot.

  • Driver (D): Maximum potential distance.
  • 3 Wood (3W): Less distance and lower ball flight than the driver
  • 5 Wood (5W): Less ditance than the 3 Wood but has a higher ball flight.
  • Irons (3i-9i): The lower the number, the shorter the distance traveled but the higher ball flight.
  • Pitching Wedge (PW): Very short distance but very high ball flight.
  • Sand Wedge (SW): Very high ball flight best used in sand traps or bunkers.
  • Loft Wedge (LW): Highest ball flight out of all of the wedges.

The Drive

Before taking the shot, you have the option to preview both the hole and your shot. Alternativly, at the expense of accuracy you can also see the more generalized trajectory of your shot by using the mini map located on the lower left hand corner of the screen.

Next, note the weather as wind will greatly hamper your ability to make a successful shot. You will need to adjust the direction of your shot accordingly to compensate for the wind pushing your ball off course.

Finally, you're ready to grip it and rip it. Pull back on the Left Analog Stick to "pull back on the golf club" then push the Left Analog Stick forward to swing the club and take your shot.

A perfect shot will be executed when the cross hair on your Swing Meter hits the yellow bar during your shot (Left Analog Stick forward). An ideal swing will be the one where you push up the left analogue stick at exactly the same time when your crosshair and Swing Meter touch the Yellow bar.


Once you make it onto the green, this is the home stretch. Weather does not much affect your shot, so there is not as much need to factor in the wind. Shake off your nerves, center yourself in your calm and focus; Visualize your success if you're into that kind of thing and take your shot.

Overall golf is a very high quality playable game from Rockstar that really gives you a clear break from that GTA heist life. Switch it up, slow it down. Head over to the Los Santos Golf Club and give golf a swing today!

Have fun out there and may the Fores be with you.