Taxi work is now available in GTA Online. The Downtown Cab Co. has opened its doors for new hires to assist them with hauling their clients around Los Santos.

There are no prerequisites for this job and most importantly no background checks. If you are looking to make a little scrap on the side or try some gainful employment for a change, this is the career opportunity for you.

In this update you will take over the wheel and chauffeur customers to their requested location. This article will cover the basics of taxi work, how it works, and how to get the best payout.


How to Start Taxi Work in GTA Online

To initiate your first job as a cabby, you will need to head over to the Downtown Cab Company and enter the yellow circle outside of the building's entrance. The headquarters are located kitty corner to the Diamond Casino. If you need further instruction to locate the building you can search Downtown Cab Co. on the map for more precise coordinates.

Taxi Work Explained

Locate your Client

Once you have entered your taxi, dispatch will send you the location of your first pick up. You will see your mini-map updated with an icon of a blue person - this is your client that is awaiting your services.

Secure the Client

Approach your client, drive up close to them and honk your horn. This signals them to approach. Wait for them to enter the vehicle and give you instructions for their destination.

Drive your Client

Once they enter the cab your mini-map will be updated with a new mapped-out route (highlighted in yellow).

Drop Your Client Off; Rinse and Repeat

To successfully complete the fare you will need to drive the client into the yellow circle at their destination. The taxi will stop automatically, the thankful passenger will exit the cab and cough up the dough. Sit tight and dispatch will send you the coordinates of the next customer automatically.

How to Earn the Best Payout for Taxi Work in GTA Online

The most efficient way to get the most payout of Taxi Work is to get your client to their location quickly and without incident. Each collision comes out of your wallet. You are working against the clock, so find the balance that you can sustain.

You will also receive a cumulative bonus for each consecutive fare you complete. If you quit your current Taxi Work session and then return, the pay bonus will be reset.

That means the more taxi jobs you take in a row, and the faster and safer you drive each time, the more money you will make.

Can I Use My Own Taxi for Taxi Work in GTA Online?

No problem, you can use your own cab for Taxi Work in GTA Online. The Vapid Taxi from Warstock Cache and Carry is available for GTA$ 487,500 - GTA$ 650,000. You can unlock the trade price by completing 10 fares in a row during taxi missions.

Don't sweat it if you do not own your own taxi, just head on down to the Downtown Cab Co, waltz right through the main doors and one will be provided for you.

And remember, don't worry so much about offending your customers... Being a cabby is the only job occupation that wants you to drive their customers away!