The LS Car Meet is a place where like-minded car enthusiasts can get together and show off their prized rides, but there’s a lot more to it than that. In this article you’ll learn everything you need to know about the LS Car Meet so you’ll know exactly what to do when you get there.


Entering the LS Car Meet for the First Time

If you haven’t been to the LS Car Meet before, all you need to do to find it is wait until you receive an email from Mimi. who will invite you to the location in Cypress Flats. After that the LS Car Meet icon (an LS) will appear on your map so you can set a waypoint and head over.

The first time you enter you’ll see a series of cut scenes to introduce you to the space. You’ll also be introduced to Sessanta, who will be your contact for Auto Shop Contracts if you choose to purchase one.

Become an LS Car Meet Member

It costs GTA$ 50,000 to purchase a permanent membership to the LS Car Meet. This membership will unlock everything the LS Car Meet has to offer including Test Drives, Time Trials, Sprint Races, the weekly Prize Ride Challenge, and the Rep system, which includes lots of perks and bonuses.

The LS Car Meet Reputation System

The LS Car Meet Reputation System is unlocked after you purchase the membership. As you increase your Reputation rank you’ll unlock clothing, vehicle trade prices, vehicle modifications, or jobs. You’ll also earn cash as you make your way up the ranks.

How to Earn Reputation Points

The easiest way to earn Reputation Points is to just spend time in the LS Car Meet building. Need to be AFK for awhile? Do it in the LS Car Meet and earn some Rep points while you’re at it. You’ll gain 125 Rep per hour you spend in the building. If you wear something purchased from the LSCM Merch shop, you’ll earn 250 per hour.

There is also a list of activities you can do every 24 hours to increase your Rep further. Below is a list including how many points for each activity:

  • Attend a Car Meet--50 Rep
  • Bring a Personal Vehicle Into the Car Meet--50 Rep
  • Purchase clothing from the Merch Store--25 Rep
  • Modify a Tuner at the Mod Shop--50 Rep
  • Enter the Test Track with a Personal Vehicle--75 Rep the first time, 50 Rep thereafter
  • Enter the Test Track with a Test Ride--50 Rep
  • Complete a Test Track Lap--50 Rep
  • Participate in a Test Track Head-to-Head--75 Rep the first time, 50 Rep thereafter
  • Participate in a Street Race--75 Rep the first time, 50 Rep thereafter
  • Participate in a Pursuit Race--75 Rep the first time, 50 Rep thereafter
  • Participate in a Spring--75 Rep the first time, 50 Rep thereafter

You’ll also earn anywhere between 15 and 100 extra Rep based on how you place in Street Races, Pursuit Races, Sprint Races, Test Track Scrambles, and Test Track Head-to-Head.

You can find out exactly what you’ll unlock per rank on the GTA LS Car Meet Fandom Page.

Accessing the LS Car Meet Test Track

The Test Track is where you can test out a rotating list of vehicles without having to purchase them first. You can also use it to do time trials with vehicles you already own.

To access the Test Track as a spectator, find the Test Track Entrance on your map. It’s a circular icon. There you can enter the track and watch others use it.

To test out a Test Drive vehicle, you can also locate them on the map. Test one out by walking up to it and getting in. If you decide you love it and must have it, you can purchase it right there, just wait for the option when you walk up to it.

You can also enter the Test Track with your own vehicle by entering your vehicle while in the LSCM, viewing vehicle options, and selecting Enter Test Track.

Other LS Car Meet Activities

Time Trial - See if you can beat your top score, or that of your fellow LSCM Members!

Prize Ride Challenge - Complete the weekly challenge to win the Prize Ride. Learn more about the current ride and current challenge by checking out the most current Weekly Update.

Mod Shop - No need to find the nearest auto shop when inspired, just make your mods right in-house.

Tattoo Shop - Express yourself through body art!

Merch Shop - Purchase racing suits. Wear them while in the building and you’ll gain twice as much Rep per hour. Check out hats and sneakers for some of the least expensive items that will be unlocked even at a low Rep rank.