Do you want the podium car this week? No problem. Want to try your luck at the mystery item and end up just getting another tee shirt? No problem...

The GTA Online Lucky Wheel Glitch essentially gives you unlimited spin attempts so you can "select" which reward you want. If you have the time and patience to wait for it, whether it be GTA$, RP, the podium vehicle, or the Lost Slamvan served up on a platter with a bow on it as the mystery item, it can and will be yours... Eventually.

Typically you'd spin the wheel once every 24 hours (real life time) and your reward would be left to fate. Alternatively, if you use GTA Online Lucky Wheel glitch you can reset the attempt and spin again indefinitely.

Follow the instructions below to learn how to win big with the Lucky Wheel Glitch and spin again.

  1. Approach the wheel with your good foot first.
  2. Interact with the Lucky Wheel and get ready to show it who's the boss.
  3. Assertively press the left stick up and then swiftly pull down for a maximum power spin. Nice work. This will buy you some time to perform step four. The speed of the downward motion will determine the force of the spin, which in turn dictates how many times the wheel will cycle before stopping and revealing its hidden secrets. If you're pleased with your prize, great! You're done. If not...
  4. PS5: Press and hold the PS button to access your Quick Menu, then hit the options button and select quit game. Xbox: Press the Xbox button, then press the Menu button and select Quit game.
  5. Reload the game, head on back to the Diamond Casino & Resort and try again.
  6. Rinse and repeat until you have achieved satisfaction.

Pro Tip: If you are grinding this one out with some bad luck save some time by setting your location to the Casino Penthouse as your starting point under Spawn>Location Option in the Interaction Menu.

How to Pull Off the Casino Podium Car Trick Using the GTA Online Lucky Wheel Glitch.

Got bad Karma? No problem. Cursed? No problem. To start this off right, you need the Lucky Wheel to be pointing at the Clothing Wedge two segments to the right of the Vehicle wedge, as indicated in the picture above. Luckily, This is the default setting for the Lucky Wheel in a solo or invite only online session, so it's very approachable to set this up correctly.

With the Lucky Wheel starting in the before mentioned position, enter the spinning subgame and then hold the left Analog Stick diagonally up and left around the 10-11 o'clock position. Wait for two seconds then ever so gently bring the stick down while simultaneously applying pressure left. If you did this correctly the Lucky Wheel will lazily spin once and land perfectly on the Vehicle Wedge. However, If you did not master this technique on your very first attempt, no worries, you can try adjusting the angle you hold the stick at for your initial pre-spin setup, and the speed of your downwards pull for your spin. Tweaking these two parameters will help you dial it in.

This seems too good to be true, is this legal? Will I go to jail?

Not for this...The short answer is "don't break it if its not fixing", so yes, spin away and get it how you like it. The long answer is the devil is in the details so it's best to be low key with your use as technically you could be temporarily or permanently banned by Rockstar BUT this is unlikely as long as you do not abuse the power of the Lucky Wheel Glitch. So be careful, be responsible, or otherwise you might have to go outside. However, this trick does work in your favor because it is both difficult and counterproductive for Rockstar to make a stink about this as I'm sure that you know about the problem with internet connections, you know these things, they tend to get dropped from time to time again, right? Marone...

So there is some risk for you, but this is greatly mitigated by math somehow probably. Because physics. And of course, Rockstar. Any way you cut it, until they roll out a fix this is a great trick to have in the playbook, both well established and insulated by the GTA community. Ever since there has been a casino, people have been trying to take advantage of casino. Poor casino. When are people going to stop picking on the little guy!?

Well, what are you waiting for? Try taking the Lucky Wheel Glitch for a spin today!