One of the best ways to improve your flying skills in GTA V Online is by attending Flight School. You can access the Flight School in GTA Online after you download The San Andreas Flight School Update. Additionally, you must be at least Rank 6 or higher if you want to take lessons.

The SA Flight School is located on Exceptionalists Way at the Los Santos International Airport in Los Santos, San Andreas.

Your flight instructor will guide you through 10 different lessons where you will learn to fly in formation, parachute, not kill your friends, and more. Passing each flying lesson with a gold medal will earn you GTA$ 18,600 for each. Getting a gold medal on your first attempt in all of the 10 lessons will earn you a staggering GTA$ 232,500 and 13,950 RP.

The 10 solo lessons that you need to complete in GTA Online are:

1. Outside Loop

Learn how to do an outside loop.

2. Engine Failure

In this lesson, you need to successfully land the Miljet while experiencing engine failure.

3. Chase Parachute

This lesson is difficult as you need to catch a parachute in midair to land safely. What could go wrong?

4. City Landing

You need to land the plane safely, while experiencing less than ideal flying conditions.

5. Moving Landing

You need to successfully land the plane on a trailer before it drives through the tunnel.

6. Flight Formation

As the name suggests, you need to fly in formation with other planes.

7. Shooting Range

Shoot and destroy the targets by using a Buzzard Attack Chopper.

8. Ground Level

In this lesson, you will need to fly as close to the ground as possible without destroying the plane.

9. Collect Flags

Gather flags by flying through 30 checkpoints.

10. Follow Leader

You are required to follow the flight instructor through the obstacle course.