Bounty Hunting is another great way to get cash and RP as a newer player in GTA Online. Not only will you get GTA$ 5,000-10,000 per successful bounty hunt but you will also get an exclusive weapon and GTA$ 250,000 upon finishing the full quest and challenge.

The best part is if you hurry you can accomplish this in 30 minutes or less, though the quickest way will not reward as much cash. Read on to learn how to complete the Bounty Hunting questline in GTA Online.

Note: Once you complete this with one character the bounty hunting questline will not be available for any future characters and any new characters you start will automatically have the stone hatchet when they start.

Starting the Bounty Hunting Quests

In order to start the Bounty Hunting quests, all you have to do is wait around in GTA Online until Maude sends you an email. His email will include a picture of the bounty target along with coordinates of their location.

Once you’ve opened the email from Maude you’ll see a yellow circle on your map. Head there to find your bounty target. Here's an article to check out if you want all possible spawn points for bounties but I'm not sure why you'd need that since all you need to do is follow the spot on your map.

You'll receive a notification once you're getting close. At this point you'll probably want to get out of your car and walk around. Listen for a bell that will get louder as you approach the target.

You'll know who the target is because they'll have a red arrow above their head.

Collect the Bounties

Once you find your bounty target you have two choices: You can kill the target, at which point the quest ends and you receive GTA$ 5,000. Or you can beat the bounty target into submission, at which point you will need to drive them back to Maude’s place and collect GTA$ 10,000.

The choice is yours whether you want to finish up quicker or richer. It typically doesn’t take much more time to beat up the target and take them to Maude’s, so if you’re not in too much of a hurry that’s our recommendation.

After you complete a bounty hunt it will only take a few minutes for Maude to send you another email with the next target. Continue doing the bounty hunts until you’ve successfully completed five of them.

Collect the Treasure

When you successfully complete your fifth bounty hunt Maude will inform you that the last bounty had a secret stash spot. The location will be marked on your map with a yellow treasure chest.

When you get to the location of the treasure you’ll find the Stone Hatchet. However, this questline is not over yet. Read on for the final step to receive your GTA$ 250,000.

Complete the Challenge with the Stone Hatchet

Once you obtain the Stone Hatchet you will need to kill 25 people with it. This can be anyone including other players, npcs, police, etc.

This challenge should go quite quickly since the Stone Hatchet is a fast and powerful weapon. However, if you want a sure way to make your kills in peace without worrying about the police coming after you, follow the steps below:

  1. From the Pause Menu, go to Online, then select Jobs.
  2. Select Play Job, then Rockstar Created, then scroll down and select Missions.
  3. There are a few different Missions that don’t have cops, but the lowest rank one is Deal Breaker, which requires rank 6. Select that.
  4. Choose the Stone Hatchet as your weapon, of course.
  5. There’s no need to head somewhere more crowded, as there should be enough unsuspecting pedestrians right around the starting area of the mission.
  6. Run back and forth in that area, or wherever you want, killing people with the hatchet until you’ve killed 25.
  7. Every 5 kills you'll get a notification of how many you've made until you complete the challenge.

Once you’ve killed 25 people, you’ll automatically receive your GTA$ 250,000, some RP, and you will have unlocked the weapon in Red Dead Redemption 2. Congratulations!