The main reason most players want to complete the Fleeca Job is to get a discount on the Armored Kuruma. This vehicle is a valuable acquisition because the armor allows you to inflict damage while driving and not take any.

Normally GTA$ 700,000 at Southern San Andreas Super Autos, upon completing the Fleeca Job you can grab it for just GTA$ 525,000. Sure, it's just a small discount but money never hurts!


How to Access The Fleeca Job

In order to access the Fleeca Job you need three things:

  1. Rank 12 or higher
  2. A high-end apartment

If you don't quite meet these qualifications yet, in our How to Become A Millionaire When First Starting GTA Online article not only will you get more than enough cash for a high-end apartment but you’ll also get plenty of RP.

Next, follow these steps:

  • Head to Lester's garment shop, marked with an L on your map.
  • Watch the cutscene, then head back to your high-end apartment.
  • Go into your planning room and access the computer. You will now have the option to Start the Heist as a Leader.

How to Complete The Fleeca Job Setup Missions

In order to start a heist you'll need another player to work with. Grab a friend or invite a stranger, then follow these steps:

How to Complete the Scope Out Mission

  • Initiate the Heist from the planning room in your high-end apartment.
  • You'll watch a cutscene, then it will be time to begin.
  • One player will drive, the other will complete a short mini-game, slightly resembling Snake (if you're old enough to remember that gem...)
  • That's really all there is. Easy peasy.
  • Once you complete the first setup, head right back to start the second setup.

How to Steal the Armored Kuruma

  • The second setup mission entails stealing the Armored Kuruma. As before, head to your high-apartment and initiate the mission from the planning room.
  • Drive to the blue dot marked on your map and into the parking garage.
  • The target vehicle is located at the very top of the garage so you might as well drive up some of the way, but beware that at the top there will be a lot of enemies ready to shoot.
  • Once you reach the top of the parking garage, shoot your way to the vehicle. Once inside you will no longer have to worry about injury.
  • Drive your way down the garage ramps and follow the waypoint to Lester's garment shop.
  • Head under the bridge by the shop and the mission will be complete.

How to Complete The Fleeca Job Finale

The Fleeca Job Finale pays out GTA$ 115,000. When setting up the mission you can choose how to divide the winnings, and what role each character will play. Read the instructions to further understand the roles:

  1. After starting the heist, head to the garment shop again to pick up the Armored Kuruma.
  2. Now head to the Fleeca bank. Whichever player is the Driver will need to drive so that the Driller can do their work.
  3. During the drive the Driller will need to complete more Snake-like minigames. Note that the "snake" can start on either side, so be sure you know where both beginning and end are before you start. Other than that, this should be pretty easy.
  4. Once you complete three minigames you'll be hacked into the system.
  5. When you arrive at the bank and have completed the hack, the Driller will need to use a phone app to unlock the doors.
  6. Next, head inside. Don't kill anyone or you immediately fail. The Driller should run straight to the back and begin drilling. Meanwhile, the Driver needs to start by destroying all surveilance cameras, then keep the witnesses intimidated by punching them and aiming their gun at them.
  7. In order to properly work the drill, the Driller will need to press it gently enough that it doesn't overheat, but hard enough that it continues to drill through. You'll need more pressure as you continue in, and less pressure in between each lock layer.
  8. The Driver will need to keep an eye on the Intimidation bar and punch people in order to keep them subdued. Watch out--the meter can drain suddenly and quickly. They will also have to watch the teller who will try to hit the panic switch if at all possible. Continuously shooting the glass above the teller seems to work well.
  9. Once the Driller has successfully obtained the loot, both players should head back to the car and start driving.
  10. Break your way past the several police barricades until you reach a bridge with a helicopter.
  11. Stop the car under the giant magnet of the helicopter and it will pick you up and fly you to safety.

And that's it! Now you should see the discounted price of the Armored Kuruma, and you will also get other heist options in your planning room.