Are you just starting out on GTA Online, feeling broke and sorry for yourself, unsure what to do? Well luckily for you, there are several things a brand new player can do to make a lot of money solo in a short time.

Read this article to find a list of well-paying missions and quests so you can become a millionaire within hours of starting!

Before you head out for adventure, you may want to check out our two beginner articles, How to Get Started on GTA Online and 5 Simple Ways to Start Strong in GTA Online.

Do All of the Treasure Hunts

There are three treasure hunt-type quests made specifically for newbies to make easy money. Take advantage of it while you can! Below is a list and brief description of each one. You can do them in any order and if you click on the links you’ll be taken to our complete guides for each one.

1. The original Treasure Hunt

  • Pay: $250,000
  • Time: Around 45 minutes
  • Activity: Traveling to remote locations finding clues, followed by a challenge
  • Starting location: Variable, found in phone email

2. The Bounty Hunting questline

  • Pay: Up to GTA$ 300,000
  • Time: Around 30 minutes
  • Activity: Collecting bounties, followed by a challenge
  • Starting location: Variable, found in phone email

3. The Navy Revolver Quest

  • Pay: GTA$ 250,000
  • Time: Around 1 hour
  • Activity: Traveling to remote locations collecting clues, followed by a challenge.
  • Starting location: Great Chaparral

Play VIP Missions

The highest paying jobs you can do next are VIP jobs. Now that you have around GTA$ 800,000 at least, you have more than enough money to become a VIP and buy some reasonable weapons.

The nice thing about these VIP missions is that you can do them even when you’re at a low level, and if you’re not sure you can compete with other players, all you have to do is play in a session without them.

If you’re not sure how to do it, read our article on How to Start VIP Missions.

Once you’re eligible, here are the VIP missions we recommend:

1. Headhunter VIP mission

  • Pays: GTA$ 24,000
  • Time: Around 10 minutes
  • Activity: Kill 4 Targets
  • Cooldown: 10 Minutes

2. Sightseer VIP mission

  • Pays: GTA$ 25,000
  • Time: Around 15 minutes max
  • Activity: Collect 3 Packages
  • Cooldown: 5 Minutes

You could alternate back and forth between these two missions and make about $100,000 per hour, which means after two hours you’ll have reached your goal of becoming a millionaire.

To fill the cooldown time you can also do Simeon missions. If you make a waypoint to the white S (not to be confused with the yellow S which is for Solomon), you’ll get to the entrance. These missions generally pay about GTA$ 15,000 and take 5-10 minutes to complete.

So there you have it: You’ll be a millionaire within a few hours of starting GTA Online. Now don’t spend it all in one place!