The Sightseer mission will reward you with GTA$ 25,000 for 15 minutes of play at most, and potentially as little as 5 minutes.

In the Sightseer mission you will need to collect 3 packages from around the map in under 15 minutes. In order to find the locations of those packages you will have to hack into the system by using the Sightseer app on your phone and completing small minigames.

Follow the steps below to easily and successfully complete the Sightseer VIP mission.

Note: If this is your first time doing VIP missions, or if you're having a hard time with them, you may want to check out our article on How to Start VIP Missions. It contains instructions and a good trick to make the mission much less challenging.

1. Choose a Fast Vehicle

The packages in this mission can be located anywhere all over the map. This means one of the most time-consuming aspects of the mission will simply be traveling between packages.

Now first it's important to know that a car will work fine in this mission. However, you do want to go as fast as you can, especially if you think you might be slow with the minigames.

Before you start, you might want to consider using a helecopter instead. Depending on your skills with a helecopter vs. a car, this can potentially get you to your locations much more quickly.

It's also a better way to avoid other players as you go if you haven't opted to remove them from the session.

If you don't yet own a helicopter of your own, we've got you covered. As long as you're Rank 11 or higher you'll find a lovely one (pictured above) waiting for you at the La Puerta/Shank St helipad circled in the map below.

If that one doesn't suit you, you can find all of the aircraft spawn sites on this map. Go nuts!

2. Complete The Hacks

In order to find the location of each package, you will first have to complete a minigame to hack into the system. Do this by finding the Sightseer app on your phone (circled in the picture above).

Once you complete the first minigame, you'll have directions to the first package. Then you have to take your phone back out and complete the next puzzle to get directions to that package, etc.

There are three different types of minigame and they can appear in any order. Below we'll show and briefly describe each minigame so you can complete them quickly when the time comes:


Starting from the left side, tap the button when the red letter is in the center. Accuracy is important because if you make a mistake you'll have to start over from the beginning.

Data Crack

Similar to puzzle #1, but this time click the button when the opening in the center of each line matches with the red horizontal line. This time if you make a mistake you will only have to re-do the previous line so it's slightly more forgiving.

Connecting To The Host

By far the most challenging of the three puzzles, you need to find and select the four numbers that match the top four before the numbers change.

A good strategy for this one is to look for just one of the top four numbers. If you find one, the other three will usually (but not always) be placed correctly next to it.

Look at the picture below for example. On the top line there are two different occurrences of the number 61--One has the correct numbers after it, the other does not.

Try unfocusing your eyes slightly so you can take in the entire screen at the same time, then as soon as you see that one number, don't lose it!

The numbers are cycling to the left every few seconds but the order stays the same. To understand this, focus on one number, then when the numbers change, see that the number you were focusing on has moved just one position to the left.

Knowing this fact will make the puzzle much easier once you find at least one of your goal numbers.

3. Collect the Packages

As mentioned above, once you complete each puzzle you'll be given the location of the next package. Simply follow the map to its location.

If you're driving a land vehicle, the map will automatically select a route for you via legal road driving. However, you may find a faster route by going off-road or by breaking a few traffic rules so take this into consideration.

Once you find the 3rd package, you'll automatically receive your RP and GTA$ 25,000. You win!