The Navy Revolver in GTA Online is a somewhat secret treasure, but if you get it it brings rich rewards. There’s no clear call to action on this quest; You're meant to simply stumble upon the clues and eventually solve the mystery, leading to the treasure.

Upon completing this quest, along with the challenge that follows, you will have earned around GTA$ 275,000.

Many people would never complete this quest on their own since there are few instructions in the game. Luckily for you we’ve created this guide to show you exactly what you need to do to complete this mission.

First Clue Location

The first clue is found in the Great Chaparral (see the picture below for the exact location). There you’ll find an old barn with some signs on it. Below the sign for Sweet Cherry Pie, there’s writing on the wall that says, “CAN YOU FIND ME?”.

With each of the five clues you’ll know you’re getting close because you’ll feel the controller vibrate (if you’re playing with a vibrating controller). Make sure you walk up to the writing and investigate it before moving on.

Once you’ve investigated it you’ll get a notification that says, “Clue Investigated: 1/5", along with GTA$ 5,000.

Second Clue Location

You’ll find the second clue in the Grand Senora Desert, just off the Northwest side of the airport runway. Find it by walking to the north from the runway into the ditch. Walk toward the old red metal pieces that almost look like fencing.

As you come near the correct area you’ll feel the vibration and you’ll see some debris including a tire and a garbage bag. Once you investigate the clue you’ll see that there’s also a severed hand on the ground.

Make sure you get the notification that you investigated the clue and the GTA$ 5,000 before moving on.

Third Clue Location

The third clue is found in the farming town of Grapeseed, north of the Alamo Sea. Head Southwest from the main road through the hollowed out frame of an old barn and out the other side. Turn around and you’ll find a bloody hatchet stuck into an outer wall.

Again, be sure to actually investigate it, receiving the notification of 3/5 Clue found, along with another GTA$ 5,000.

Fourth Clue Location

Head to the Northwest to Paleto Forest for the fourth clue. Head around to the back of the motel and find a little outhouse-looking structure. Feel the vibration, and on the door will be a bloody handprint. That’s your fourth clue.

You're almost done! You should now have 4/5 Clues Investigated and yet another GTA$ 5,000. The last clue is a little trickier...

Fifth Clue Location

Unfortunately the fifth clue is a little bit tricky because there are five different places it could potentially spawn. You'll know you've found it when you see a van that’s open in the back with machetes, blue, and garbage bags inside. And of course you will feel the vibrations.

Below we'll list all of the potential locations, ending with the location where we found it.

Consider reading the section on Killing the Slasher before actually finding the fifth clue as you will want to be prepared.

Potential Fifth Clue Location 1

Just North of Cassidy Creek on the North end of Raton Canyon. The van will be parked in a small clearing in the forest. Notice a sharp corner in the river pointing to the East and, if it's there, the van will be just North of that.

Potential Fifth Clue Location 2

On the North bank of the Zancudo River in an area called Lago Zancudo. If it spawns here the van will be parked right on the bank where there's a small, round-ish peninsula jutting into the river.

Potential Fifth Clue Location 3

At the Palmer-Taylor Power Station. If it spawns here the van will be nestled in between the grey tower and the cliffside.

Potential Fifth Clue Location 4

Under the free way where the train tracks cross under in the San Chianski Mountain Range. If the van spawns here it will be up against the wall under the freeway where there's a road of sorts on the other side of a barrier from the train tracks.

Potential Fifth Clue Location 5

North of the train tracks on Mount Gordo at Braddock Pass. If it appears here the van will be wedged against the retaining wall.

Kill the Slasher

Once you find the fifth clue you'll receive a threatening text message from an unknown number. You should move to an open location with lots of visibility, such as the airport in the Grand Senora Desert, because at this point the Slasher (who you've been tracking down all this time) will randomly show up at any point and start stabbing.

Luckily all he has is a machete so as long as you're not caught by surprise you can pretty quickly knock him down, shoot him, and be done with it.

Once you kill the slasher you'll receive the Navy Revolver and GTA$ 50,000. But it's not over yet! There's still a challenge to complete...

Complete the Navy Revolver Challenge

Now in order to collect your GTA$ 200,000 reward, your challenge is to get 50 kills with the Navy Revolver. Note: While you can complete the other parts of this questline with a new character, you will only get the GTA$ 200,000 reward once no matter how many new characters you create.

These kills can be on anyone--players, NPCs, mission enemies, police, etc. If you want an easy way to complete this challenge without having to worry about police, player retribution, or any return fire, follow the below instructions:

  1. From the Pause Menu, go to Online, then select Jobs.
  2. Select Play Job, then Rockstar Created, then scroll down and select Missions.
  3. There are a few different Missions that don’t have cops, but the lowest rank one is Deal Breaker, which requires rank 6. Select that.
  4. Choose the Navy Revolver as your weapon, of course.
  5. Once you’ve started the Mission, head to the pier at Vespucci beach. That’s the waterfront area on the West side of Los Santos. There’s an amusement at the end of the pier, you can’t miss it. This is the most highly populated location in Los Santos.
  6. Park right on the land side of the pier and begin your task. There are no police in this mission so you won’t have to worry about anything except your aim.
  7. Shoot someone nearby where you park. When everyone begins to run, feel free to try to make as many additional kills as you can on the moving targets.
  8. Once you run out of targets on that end, head to the other end of the pier where there will be more people who don't yet know how dangerous you are.
  9. Keep running back and forth on the pier, making kills whenever possible.
  10. Every 10 kills you'll get a notification of how many you've made until you complete the challenge. You can also check on your progress by opening the Pause Menu, selecting Stats, then Weapons. Scroll to the right until you find the Navy Revolver. You'll see it will show you number of kills as well as number of headshots with this weapon.

Once you complete the 100 kills challenge with the Navy Revolver you'll receive your reward of GTA$ 200,000, along with some RP. Great job!