Login Bonuses:
  • Traditional Painted Rabbit mask
  • Rabbit Tattoo
  • Zodiac Animals Tattoos
  • GTA$ 188,888
New Content:
  • Taxi Cab Missions
  • Brickade 6X6 (GTA$ 750,000-GTA$ 1,450,000)
  • Taxi (GTA$ 487,500-GTA$ 650,000)
Content Bonuses:
  • Complete any First Dose Mission on Hard difficulty to unlock the Green Fooliganz MTL Brickade 6X6 livery.
  • Complete 3 different First Dose Missions on Hard difficulty to unlock the Safari Ranger Entity MT livery.
  • Complete any First Dose Mission on Hard difficulty in less than 10 minutes to unlock the Speed Demon Cypher livery.
  • Complete any First Dose mission on Hard difficulty without dying to unlock the Kisama Drifter 300R livery.
  • Complete 50 Taxi Fares & 10 Stunt Jumps during Taxi Work to unlock the Downtown Cab Company liveries for the Classique Broadway & Willard Eudora (Not yet Released Vehicles).
  • Complete 10 Taxi fares without interruption to unlock the Trade Price for the Warstock Taxi.

LS Car Meet:

Prize Ride Weekly Challenge:
  • Place Top 3 In Street Race Series Race for 3 days in a row to get the Pegassi Torero.
Vehicles Available to Test Ride:
  • Pfister Growler (Sport)
  • Karin Futo GTX (Sport)
  • Karin Calico GTF (Sport)
Hao's Premium Test Ride (PS5/XSX):
  • Shitzu Hakuchou Drag

New Podium Vehicle: The new podium vehicle is the Överflöd Autarch

Double GTA$/RP
  • Special Vehicle Races
  • First Dose Missions
1.5x GTA$/RP:
  • Special Cargo Sell Missions
  • High Demand Bonus (3.75% Per Player)

Weekly Discounts:

Properties 30% off
  • Executive Offices and Renovations
Vehicals 30% off
  • Pegassi Osiris (GTA$ 1,365,000)
  • Pfister 811 (GTA$ 794,500)
  • Sparrow (GTA$ 1,270,500)
Other 50% off
  • Dog Mask
  • Pig Mask
  • Rabbit Masks
Time Trial:
  • Vinewood Hills, 02:58.80
RC Bandito Time Trial:
  • Vespucci Canals, 01:53.00
HSW Time Trial (PS5/XSX):
  • Between Textile City and Stab City
Amazon Prime Login Bonus:
  • GTA$ 125,000
  • Sprunk Snowflakes Festive sweater
GTA+ Member Benefits:
  • Quadruple GTA$ & RP on Special Vehicle Races
  • Double GTA$ & RP for Taxi Work
  • Free Stuff: Taxi, "Skip" Option Cost for Taxi Cab, Brickade 6x6 Acid Lab Upgrade, Trippy Knife & Baseball Tints, Penthouse Members Party, Havok SecuroServ Vehicle, Drinks at Bars, Noh Painted Rabbit Mask, Yeti Year of the Rabbit Tee, call a Taxi Cab and travel to pre-selected "Points of Interest" for free
  • Lower cooldowns between Trip Skips