A lot of players are having a hard time finding the 10 Exotic Exports listed on the chalkboard in the Auto Shop. And we're not gonna lie, there's some luck involved with this endeavor. Some feel it's not worth it since you can make a similar amount of money with other activities, such as VIP Missions.

However, if you happen to run across one, that's some great easy cash right there--GTA$ 20,000 to be exact, just for driving the car out to the docks. There are also some good reasons to seek out the Exotic Exports. Read on to find out why and how to complete the daily list of 10 Exotic Exports.


Why Collect Exotic Exports?

As mentioned above, Exotic Exports aren't always an amazing way to make money. For each delivered Exotic Export you'll receive GTA$ 20,000. Upon delivering all 10, you'll receive an additional GTA$ 100,000.

That amount of cash is nothing to sneeze at, but it can sometimes take quite awhile to collect all 10 vehicles and most likely there are other activities that are going to get you a better ROI.

However, there are three reasons you may want to consider Exotic Exports, which we'll list below:

1. Weekly Update Bonus

There will sometimes be a bonus on them in the Weekly Updates. If Cash and RP is doubled this week, that's GTA$ 600,000 for each day that you collect all 10 Exotic Exports. If you do that every day the entire week, that's GTA$ 4.2 Million.

Think what you could purchase with that kind of cash! I'm sure you have something on your wishlist, and even if you don't, an extra GTA$ 4 mil never hurts.

2. Car Exporter Award

You can get several Car Exporter awards for exporting 10, 25, 50, and 100 vehicles. This used to take a long time because the only exporting opportunity was through the Simeon Export Requests, which you can only do once every real-time 24 hours.

Now that there are up to 10 daily Exotic Exports, you can substantially speed up the Car Exporter award process, obtaining the top award in just 10 days!

3. Pro Car Exporter Award

This award didn't exist before Exotic Exports, and you can obtain it by exporting all 10 Exotic Exporters in one day.

But if awards and money mean nothing to you, and/or you've obtained the awards and there's no bonus on Exotic Exports this week, feel free to skip this activity altogether.

How to Unlock the Exotic Exports List

Exotic Exports aren't just available to everyone. Here are the steps to unlock Exotic Exports:

  1. Buy an Auto Shop
  2. Complete the Auto Shop Setup Mission
  3. Complete any one Auto Shop Contract Mission

That's it. Once you've completed the three steps above, Sassanta will contact you about a side hustle--Exotic Exports. After that the list of the 10 Exotic Exports will appear on a chalkboard upstairs in your Auto Shop.

How to Find the Exotic Exports

As mentioned above, finding all 10 Exotic Exports will probably take some time and a lot of luck. If you're super lucky and in a fast enough vehicle, you might find one every 5-10 minutes, totalling 1-2 hours of work. On the unlucky end it could take 20 minutes or more in between finding each vehicle which will look more like 3-4 hours or more. For some very unlucky individuals it might take all day.

Below are some ways to cut down on the time it takes to collect all 10 Exotic Exports as much as possible.

NOTE: Before you begin your search, we highly recommend that you read the section on IMPORTANT Things to Know Before Starting Your Search for Exotic Exports. Unfortunately it's easy to mess this up so be sure to get informed before you begin.

Follow the steps below to find Exotic Exports:

1. Choose Your Search Vehicle

The fastest way to search for Exotic Vehicles is by air. Obviously the faster your aircraft, the faster you can search the map so if you have a Hydra or a P-996 LAZER, now would be a great time to use it.

Alternatively any helecopter will do. Many players also enjoy using the Oppressor MK2 for this purpose. You can also just drive, but that will take a lot longer no matter how fast your land vehicle is.

2. Establish a Search Route

There are 100 locations where an Exotic Export can spawn. Check out this map of all Exotic Export spawn locations, or scroll down to see it below.

While looking at the locations map, decide on a search route that will take you past all 100 locations. You will be repeating this route over and over until you come across a blue dot.

Not that you can only detect the blue dots if you're within about 500 meters and that this IS effected by altitude so be sure to fly low.

If flying low is too difficult in the city, it may be a better idea to travel by land vehicle. Traverse the streets methodically, going all the way from one end of the city to the other, then moving two blocks over and traveling back again. This should ensure that you won't miss any of those dots.

3. Investigate Blue Dots

As you travel along your planned search route, watch your radar for blue dots. Pro Tip: In the Pause Menu got to Settings->Display->Expanded Radar->On. This will maximize the area you can see so you're less likely to miss any dots.

Investigate ALL blue dots you come across, even if they're not Exotic Exports. This is explained further in the IMPORTANT Things to Know Before Starting Your Search for Exotic Exports section.

Note: The Exotic Export blue dots only represent vehicles that are parked and ready to be stolen. You can also come across Exotic Exports from your list just driving around, but they will not show up as blue dots. You will need to know what the vehicles actually look like in order to recognize and steal them. Or you can just steal any fancy looking cars you come across and you may get lucky.

If you find an Exotic Export, congratulations! Now you just have to deliver it...

How to Deliver an Exotic Export

Once you've found an Exotic Export, the rest is pretty easy. All you have to do is steal the car and drive it to the Anchor symbol at the docks on your map.

It doesn't matter if you damage the vehicle on your way, as long as it still runs.

Note: If you're in a solo/invite only/friend session, there's nothing to worry about. But if you're doing this in a public session your location will be broadcast to all other players and someone will likely come to kill you and destroy the vehicle because that's what happens in public sessions.

When you get to the delivery location there will be a big, yellow circle for you to drive into. After that you'll get your delivery reward and can begin the search for the next Exotic Export vehicle.

IMPORTANT Things to Know Before Starting Your Search for Exotic Exports

Completing Exotic Exports is a somewhat particular process. If you don't do everything just right it will be either impossible or extremely time-consuming to complete all ten, or even two for that matter.

For this reason, we highly recommend that you consult this list before completing EVEN ONE Exotic Export on your own. You'll thank us later.

1. Check Your Hide Options

This may change at some point, but as of this writing there's a bug that will keep you from seeing the Exotic Exports if you don't have the right settings. Here's what to do:

  • Go to the Interaction Menu
  • Scroll down and select Hide Options
  • Select Other
  • Scroll down to Air-Freight and make sure it's set to "Show" (NOT "Hide")

We know, Exotic Exports aren't Air-Freight. It doesn't make sense, but that's how it is so just do what we say.

2. Make Sure Passive Mode is Disabled

If you're in Passive Mode you won't be able to see anything involving Exotic Exports on your map. This would make finding them much, much more difficult.

3. Consider Your Session

You can collect Exotic Exports in any type of session--Public, Solo, Invite Only, etc. We highly recommend you choose one that is not public if you don't want additional trouble while collecting.

The reason for this is that while you're driving your Exotic Export to the dock your location will be broadcast to everyone else in the session, similar to Gunrunning Missions. You probably know by now that typically in GTA Online any attention is bad attention.

4. Stay In One Session

If you want to collect all 10 Exotic Exports, we HIGHLY recommend that you DO NOT change sessions until you've completed this task. The reason for this is that each session spawns exactly one Exotic Export at a time.

If you switch to a new session after having completed at least one Exotic Export, at some point one that you've completed will spawn in that map and you will not be able to see it on your map since it will already be crossed off your list.

This means that in order to move forward to the next vehicle, either someone else needs to collect the Exotic Export that is currently spawned or you need to do it yourself without help from the map. Trust us, this sucks.

Of course, if this does happen you can always keep hopping to a new session hoping to find one of the vehicles you haven't found yet, but the uncertainty involved in that case makes the task much trickier.

5. Don't Collect Vehicles That Aren't Indicated On Your Map

Other than the situation in number 4 above, you should avoid collecting vehicles from your list that are not indicated on your map with a blue dot. Doing so can disrupt the activity, and since this is a delicate process you should really avoid any disruptions as much as possible.

6. Complete ALL Blue Dot Events

Blue dots on your map don't just represent Exotic Exports. They can also be Packy McCreary, Drug Vehicles, or a Cayo Perico Guard. If you find one of those, you'll need to clear them out so that an Exotic Export can spawn instead. You don't have to clear them successfully, just encounter them so that they disappear.

Note: There's some disagreement on whether this is necessary or whether Exotic Exports still continue to spawn even if you have other blue dot events on the map. However, the other types of blue dots are usually pretty quick to clear so you might as well increase your chances of encountering an Exotic Export by clearing them.