This page contains Signal Jammer locations 17-33, along with the location map for all Signal Jammers. You can also access the picture of any Signal Jammer via the links below.

17. West Vinewood

This Signal Jammer is located on the outside of the crane. Back to Map

18. Downtown Vinewood

Just another signal jammer at the top of a building, easy to hit from the ground. Back to Map

19. Hawick

Yet another signal jammer high atop a building. This one is also reachable from the ground. Back to Map

20. Land Act Dam

Accessible from the ground, this signal jammer is located on the outside of the dam. Back to Map

21. Vinewood Hills 1

This is another easy one found at the top of the tower on the front of the building. Back to Map

22. Vinewood Hills 2

This Signal Jammer is not easily accessible from the ground. It's very difficult to see, especially at night when its weak lights are severly overshadowed by the other powerful lights nearby. However, if you use a vehicle with missile lock-on capabilities you can easily take it out without ever even seeing it. Back to Map

23. Vinewood Hills 3

Yet another very easy Signal Jammer location, found toward the top of the monument in the courtyard. Back to Map

24. GWC and Golfing Society

Difficult to see, this Signal Jammer is located in the alcove of the bell tower. You can get a clean shot at it from the ground but it's easier to see from the sky. Back to Map

25. Pacific Bluffs

This signal jammer is easy to find as long as you go into the center courtyard of the buildings. From there you can see it on the building right inside the "O". Back to Map

26. Banham Canyon

One of the easiest signal jammer locations, simply found on one side of the bridge over the freeway. Back to Map

27. Tongva Hills

This Signal Jammer is found on one of the highest towers of the winery, visable from the ground. Back to Map

28. Fort Zancudo

This is one of the more difficult Signal Jammers to get as you will receive four wanted stars when you come near Fort Zancudo. Luckily at the very least you can quickly fly in, blow it up, then let whatever happens next happen; At least you will have destroyed the signal jammer and if you die your wanted stars will disappear. Back to Map

29. North Chumash

This Signal Jammer is on the big sign above the restaurant. Back to Map

30. Chiliad Mountain State Wilderness

Like many others, this Signal Jammer is found at the very top of a tower. It's high in the mountains but you can destroy it from the ground. Just beware of belligerent nudists in the nearby settlement. Back to Map

31. Cassidy Creek

This is another Signal Jammer easily accessed from the ground but located in a pretty remote location. Back to Map

32. Mount Chiliad 1

While it's easy to shoot the Signal Jammer off this building from the ground, the building is located at the top of a mountain so approaching by air will be the most efficient choice. Back to Map

33. San Andreas

Easily destroyed from the ground, just aim for the top of the building and you're done. Back to Map