Have you been wishing you had more time in the vault while completing the Diamond Casino Heist? Well in order to do that you need a better hacker. Who's the best? Avi Schwartzman. However, you can't just get the best without doing a little work upfront.

In order to unlock Avi Schwartzman you need to find all 50 Signal Jammers hidden throughout the island of San Andreas and destroy them, usually with a few shots from a sniper rifle. This may take an hour or two to do, but once you've done it you'll have Avi Schwartzman unlocked for life.

If Avi Schwartzman isn't enough, you'll also receive GTA$ 100,000 and 50,000 RP for your efforts.

The fastest and easiest way to get all of the signal jammers is fly around in an aircraft with Homing Missiles, such as the Buzzard Attack Chopper. Often the missiles will lock on the Signal Jammers before you even know they're there!

If that's not an option for you, many of the Signal Jammers can be destroyed the old fashioned way from the ground with a sniper, and we'll tell you how below, but for some you'll need access to an aircraft of some kind.

See below for a map of all Signal Jammer locations, followed by a list of links to pictures corresponding to each location.

1. Terminal

This one is easy. Simply find the building that says, "SAFETY FIRST" and the Signal Jammer will be right there. Back to Map

2. El Burro Heights

This one is on the outside of the high water tower. If you're doing this from the ground you will not feel the vibrations unless you climb to the top, however you cannont shoot it from there. You may wish to climb anyway in order to figure out what side it's on, then climb down and get far enough away that you can snipe it. Back to Map

3. Cypress Flats / Popular St

This one is pretty tricky if you're on foot, but not impossible. Like location number 2, you won't feel any vibrations unless you climb up to the highest heights, but from there you won't be able to actually see the Signal Jammer. Instead you'll need to get far enough away that you can see the top of the tower, then eliminate it with a sniper. Back to Map

4. Elysian Island / Chupacabra St

This Signal Jammer is located at the very top of one of the bridge towers and impossible to get from the ground. If you don't have appropriate aircraft weaponry you could fly up and parachute to the Signal Jammer or you could even have a friend fly a helecopter nearby and take it out from the passenger seat. Back to Map

5. Los Santos International Airport

Like location number 4, this Signal Jammer can be pretty difficult to destroy on foot. It's way on top of the air traffic control tower at the airport. Read Location 4 if you need ideas on how to get it. Back to Map

6. Maze Bank Arena

This is another easy one. Simply head to the front of the Maze Bank Arena and there it is. Back to Map

7. La Puerta

Another easy one, simply take it out from the ground. Then hop in one of the many helecopters nearby to get to one of the more hard-to-access Signal Jammers. Back to Map

8. Pillbox Hill / Vespucci Blvd

This Signal Jammer is located at the top of a building with a mural that says, "Fame or Shame". If you're on foot you can easily get this shot with your sniper from the top of the nearby parking garage. Back to Map

9. Strawberry / Innocence Blvd

This Signal Jammer can be easily found from across the street of the building that says, "Central Los Santos". Back to Map

10. La Mesa 1

You can find this one from the freeway right next to it. It's located at the top of one of the buildings; Use the picture for exact location. Back to Map

11. La Mesa 2

Back to Map

12. Downtown

This one is located on one of the satellites affixed to the scaffolding at the top of the skyscraper. It's definitely one you're going to want to fly to. Back to Map

13. Vespucci Canals / San Andreas Ave

This one is difficult to see from the ground but it's at the very top of the big clock on that skyscraper. Back to Map

14. Del Perro Beach

This signal jammer is easy to find, right on the center of the ferris wheel. You have a clean shot at it if you stand under the roller coast. Back to Map

15. Del Perro

This is another rooftop signal jammer. I hope you have a trusty aircraft. Back to Map

16. Rockford Hills

Another simple one at the top of a building, easily sniped from the ground. Back to Map