This page contains Signal Jammer locations 34-50, along with the location map for all Signal Jammers. You can also access the picture of any Signal Jammer via the links below.

34. Mount Chiliad 2

Arguably the most adorable Signal Jammer location, find this one on the fun rocket on the side of the road. Back to Map

35. Mount Gordo 1

While easy to destroy from the ground, this is another Signal Jammer found high on a mountain peak so ground accessibility is limited. Back to Map

36. Mount Gordo 2

Yet another totally easy, completely clear Signal Jammer on the chimney of this nice waterfront cottage. Back to Map

37. Grapeseed

This is obviously an easy one. From the ground you can snipe that Signal Jammer right off that water tower. Back to Map

38. Alamo Sea

On the roof of a dockhouse. Accessible from the shore with a sniper. Back to Map

39. San Chanski Mountain Range 1

If you're getting this Signal Jammer from the ground, simply stand on the mountain side. From there you'll have a clear shot. Back to Map

40. Humane Labs

Located at the top of a giant pipe, this Signal Jammer is easiest to destroy via aircraft, however it's completely reachable by sniper. Back to Map

41. San Chanski Mountain Range 2

This is another easy Signal Jammer location. Simply find it right on the front of the You Tool building. Back to Map

42. Sandy Shores

Located high atop a satellite tower, this Signal Jammer is difficult to shoot from the ground; It's best done from the air. Back to Map

43. Zancudo River

Easily accessible from the ground, this Signal Jammer is located on one side of the church-like building. Back to Map

44. Grand Senora Desert 1

This Signal Jammer can be somewhat difficult to see from the ground but is still possible to destroy from there. It's located on one of the round satelite plates pretty high up on the tower. Back to Map

45. Grand Senora Desert 2

Another easy one, this Signal Jammer is clearly visible from the ground on the side of the green silo. Back to Map

46. Bolingbroke Penitentiary

This location is tricky because as you get near the penitentiary you'll get 4 wanted stars. This means you'll do best if you work quickly before enough of a police response has mounted in order to kill you immediately. One way you can buy yourself time if you're doing this from the ground is by heading into the penitentiary in an armored vehicle such as the Armored Kuruma. Back to Map

47. Ron Alternates Wind Farm

This Signal Jammer is simple enough to see on the side of a wind turbine. Back to Map

48. Palmer-Taylor Power Station

This one can be tricky to see from the ground but it is accessible. Simply head close to the gang circle so you can see all the way to the top of the red and white striped smoke stack. Back to Map

49. Tataviam Mountains

Another very easy one, this signal jammer is located on the front of a building above the sign that says, "Bishop's". Back to Map

50. N.O.O.S.E.

Yet another straight-forward Signal Jammer toward the top of the building on the outside of a ventilation shaft. Back to Map