This page contains Playing Card locations 19-36, along with the location map for all Playing Cards. You can access the picture of any playing card via the links below.

Location Pictures:

19. Outside Gym in San Andreas/Goma St

On a workout bench in an outdoor gym area. Back to Map

20. Barber Shop in Vespucci Vanals/Bay City Ave

On a table to the right of the door to the Beachcomber Barbers shop. Back to Map

21. Concessions Stand on Del Perro Pier

On the counter of the concessions stand. Back to Map

22. Richards Majestic

On a short brick wall near a craft service area. Back to Map

23. Von Crastenburg Richamn hotel in Rockford Hills

On a shelving unit next to some red bins in a covered utility hallway in the back of the hotel. Back to Map

24. In the Garage of a Rockford Hills Mansion

On a couch in the garage of a large brick house. You will have to approach the garage in order for the door to open. Back to Map

25. Back Yard Chess Board in Richman

Behind a big yellow mansion, on the head of one of the giant chess pieces. Back to Map

26. 24/7 Supermarket in Pacific Bluffs

In the back room of the convenience store, on a safe to the left of the computer. Back to Map

27. Outside Hardware Store in Chumash

On a small table to the left of some garbage cans outside the northern Hardware store (there are two) in the same strip mall as the Chumash Ammu-Nation. Back to Map

28. LTD Gas Station Convenience Store in Richman Glen

In the back room of the convenience store, on a safe to the right of the computer. Back to Map

29. Rest Stop in Vinewood Hills

In the middle part of the area between the bathrooms, near the sinks. Back to Map

30. Martin Madrazo's Complex in Vinewood Hills

In the back of the Madrazo complex, in a barn across the horse paddock from the house. Look for a piece of farming equipment on wheels that says, "HVY" on it. The door is to the left of that and the card is on a red tool storage unit inside. Back to Map

31. Ammu-Nation in Tataviam Mountains

Inside the Ammu-Nation, on the counter closest to the door. Back to Map

32. Lost MC camp north of Ron Alternates Wind Farm

On a railing outside a hippie trailer. Back to Map

33. Yellow Jack Inn in Grand Senora Desert

Inside the inn (which is actually a bar), on the pool table towards the back. Back to Map

34. You Tool Store in the San Chianski Mountain Range

On a stack of speakers to the left of the main entrance of You Tool. Back to Map

35. Sandy Shores Fire Station

Inside the fire station garage, on one of the red tool storage units on the left side. Back to Map

36. Defunct Auto Garage near the Alamo Sea

In the fenced-in back area of the old auto garage, on a tractor. Back to Map