This page contains Playing Card locations 37-54, along with the location map for all Playing Cards. You can access the picture of any playing card via the links below.

Location Pictures:

37. Lost MC Camp in Stab City

In the center of the circle of trailers, on an amp on the stage. Back to Map

38. House in the Grand Senora Desert

Around the side of a white house, on a red tool storage unit. Back to Map

39. Rebel Radio Station in the Grand Senora Desert

Outside the radio station, on the big, red L. Back to Map

40. Old House in Great Chaparral

On the front porch of an old, white house. Back to Map

41. Discount Store in Great Chaparral/Route 68

In the back room, on a box. Back to Map

42. North Side of Fort Zancudo

At the Northwest entrance of Fort Zancudo, inside the guard booth. You can get this easily if you first kill the nearby guards, then grab it. Then all you need to do is escape the cops. Back to Map

43. Old Dock at Paleto Cove

On the railing right next to a damaged part. Back to Map

44. Paleto Forest Cable Car Station

From the parking lot head around the right side and up the stairs. The card is located on a window sill on the second floor balcony. Back to Map

45. Outside Herr Kutz Barber Shop in Paleto Bay

On the atm around one side of the building. Back to Map

46. Beeker's Garage in Paleto Bay

Walk in the front door to the left of the garage doors. The card is in the office area on the desk. Back to Map

47. Picnic Area on Mount Chiliad

Follow the small path East of the gas station to find the picnic area. The card will be on one of the picnic tables. Back to Map

48. Camp Ground on Mount Gordo

Follow the riverbed to reach the campground. The card will be on a big, flat rock by the campfire. Back to Map

49. Outside an Old, White House in the San Chianski Mountain Range

On the front window sill to the right of the door. Back to Map

50. Outside the Parkview Diner in Grapeseed

On a white table in front of the diner. Back to Map

51. Hangar at Grapeseed Air Strip

Inside the hangar on the east end of the airstrip, on the desk to the right of the door. Back to Map

52. LTD Gas Station Convenience Store in Grapeseed

Inside the store, in the back room, on the right side of the desk. Back to Map

53. Outside a Blue House by the Alamo Sea

Right outside the first house on the right as you go down the small side road, on a ping pong table. Back to Map

54. East Alamo View Lookout Point Along Raton Canyon Path

On the East Alamo View sign. Back to Map