Have you found a few Playing Cards as you make your way through San Andreas? Ever wonder what those are about? Well we're here to tell you. If you go to your Interaction Menu > Inventory > Collectibles (not to be confused with Daily Collectibles), you'll see that you can collect 100 Action Figures, 54 Playing Cards, and 50 Signal Jammers.

What do you get for collecting all 54 Playing Cards? Other than a sense of pride and accomplishment, each card gives you some amount of Casino chips. The more you collect, the more chips you'll get. Once you've found all 54, you'll have received a total of 66,650 chips. Additionally, you will unlock the exclusive High Roller Outfit (pictured above) and a special set of cards to be used by your Penthouse suite Private Dealer. Great!

If that sounds good to you, or if you just enjoy completing things, read on to learn the location of all 54 Playing Cards.

Recommended Usage:

For highest efficiency, we recommend opening the map in a separate window so you can keep it up while traveling between locations, then check the pictures and brief descriptions to help you locate the playing cards once you arrive. If that's not an option for you, we've also included handy links to bring you back to the map at any time.

Location Pictures:

1. Terminal / Buccaneer Way

In the covered walkway, on a picnic table. Back to Map

2. Cypress Flats Ammu-Nation

In the back area as you head to the shooting range, on a table. Back to Map

3. Defunct Bus in La Mesa

Right inside the bus on a seat. Back to Map

4. Murrieta Heights Tattoo Parlor

Inside Los Santos Tattoos, to the right of the counter on a cupboard unit. Back to Map

5. Murrieta Heights Liquor Store

In the back room of Rob's Liquor store, on a shelving unit by some soda. Back to Map

6. Mirror Park Gas Station Convenience Store

In the back room on top of a monitor to the left of the desk. Back to Map

7. Hawick Garage

Inside the garage that says, "Domestic - Japanese - European" on it, on a red tool storage unit. Back to Map

8. East Vinewood Bank

Inside Pacific Standard Bank (the building to the left when facing the movie theatre), through a second set of doors, on a table. Back to Map

9. West Vinewood Hotel

In the covered entrance toward the end of the hall on the seat of a chair on the left. Back to Map

10. Back Yard in Vinewood Hills

Behind a yellow house on a ping pong table. Back to Map

11. Ponsonbys Clothing Store in Burton

On a table in a changing room in the back of the Ponsonbys clothing store. Back to Map

12. Courtyard in Pillbox Hill

On a built-in bench near some grass in a fountain courtyard. Back to Map

13. Ammu-Nation in Pillbox Hill

On a table in the back area near the gun range in Ammu-Nation. Back to Map

14. Vanilla Unicorn in Strawberry

In one of the booths inside the Vanilla Unicorn strip club. Back to Map

15. Davis Fire Department

On a shelf by a radio in the fire station. Back to Map

16. Parking Lot in Davis

In the booth in the middle of the parking lot. Back to Map

17. Los Santos International Airport

On a seat on the lower level of the airport. Back to Map

18. Metro Station in Little Seoul/Innocence Blvd

On the middle platform of the metro station, on a bench. Back to Map