The Agency property in Grand Theft Auto V Online comes with many opportunities for both active and passive income. Several brand new missions will be immediately available after the initial setup, and others can be unlocked. There's even a media stick to be found there!

If you're interested in checking out what the Agency property has to offer, read on for detailed instructions on purchasing and upgrades, as well as more info on the various contracts.

Purchasing an Agency

Agencies can be purchased on the Dynasty 8 Executive website. There are four different location options, but like other properties the inside will be the same no matter which you choose. See the complete list and prices below.

Agency Locations and Prices:

  • Rockford Hills: GTA$ 2,415,000
  • Vespucci Canals: GTA$ 2,145,000
  • Little Seoul: GTA$ 2,010,000
  • Hawick: GTA$ 2,830,000

As you can see, all of the Agency locations are located in Los Santos and aren't really that far from each other. Because of this, we recommend simply purchasing the Little Seoul location.

Agency Upgrades

There are six upgrade options when purchasing the Agency. Three of them are purely aesthetic and the other three are rooms to add on. See the list below.


Obviously this is one of the purely aesthetic options. Still, it can be fun to have art you enjoy in your new cool Agency office.


Like the art, this is just for looks. Considering how pricey it is, we suggest only going for it if money is no object.


Have a favorite color? Here you can choose to feature it. Like those listed above it won't change any gameplay so don't bother unless it's important to you.


Purchasing the Armory with your Agency will give you the option to make any weapons-related purchases and customizations right on site in between missions. See below for more information on the Armory


Like other properties, purchasing the Accommodation for your Agency will add this as an optional spawn location, and allow you to make a wardrobe change there if you like.

Vehicle Workshop

Here you can view and customize your vehicles, and there are even some exclusive upgrades available here online, such as Remote Control Units and Missile Lock-On Jammers.

The Agency Armory

If you buy the Agency Armory it will be located upstairs from the office level. There you can complete all weapon customizations and restock on any essential equipment before starting your next contract.

The Agency Vehicle Workshop

If you purchase the Agency Vehicle Workshop it will be located in the Garage of the Agency.

Here you can add Imami Tech to select vehicles. Here's a list of the vehicles that can get these special upgrades:

Purchaseable at Legendary Motorsport:

  • Champion
  • Deity
  • Jubilee

Purchaseable at San Andreas Super Autos:

  • Granger 3600LX
  • Patriot Mil-Spec

Security Contracts

Security Contracts are short, one-step missions for which you can get paid anywhere from GTA$ 35,000 to GTA$ 65,000. There are six different types, detailed below.

Security Contract Categories:

  • Asset Protection - Protect a business' assets from waves of enemies for 10 minutes.
  • Gang Termination - Take out 4 high-ranking gang members at a specific location.
  • Liquidize Assets - Follow a target to a location and destroy the assets there.
  • Recover Valuables - Travel to a location with valuable items, steal the item and return to the Agency.
  • Rescue Operation - Travel to a location and rescue a client from enemies.
  • Vehicle Recovery - Travel to a building containing a stolen vehicle and bring it back to the Agency.

Security Contract Rewards

There are several rewards for completing Agency Security Contracts. Here's the list:

  • After completing 1 Security Contract you'll unlock the Dr. Dre VIP Contract.
  • After completing 3 Security Contracts you'll unlock Payphone Hits.
  • After completing 5 Security Contracts receive a discount on the Granger 3600LX.
  • After completing 10 Security Contracts receive a discount on the Deity.
  • After completing 15 Security Contracts receive a discount on the Patriot Mil-Spec.
  • After completing 20 Security Contracts receive a discount on the Jubilee.
  • After completing 50 Security Contracts receive a trophy that will sit on your Agency desk.
  • After every 5 completed Security Contracts you'll receive an additional GTA$ 500 passive income in the Agency Safe, capping at GTA$ 20,000 after completing 200 contracts.

For an even more detailed explanation of each Security Contract, be sure to check out our article on How to Complete Security Contracts.

VIP Contract

In the VIP Contract you'll be helping to contain a security leak for Dr. Dre. This is a long, multi-step contract with a final payout of GTA$ 1,000,000, in addition to GTA$ 10,000 payments for completion of several of the steps.

For a full walkthrough of this mission, read our article on The Contract with Dr. Dre

While fun to complete at least once, you're unlikely to get as good of a rate for time spent as you would pursuing other lucrative endeavors such as the Cayo Perico Heist.

Another reason to play through this one at least once is because afterwards you will find a Media Stick on your Agency desk.

And there you have it. There's a lot of fun to be had and money to be made with the Agency. If you think that's your thing, why not give it a try?