The Contract with Dr. Dre is a long, multi-phase mission in which you help Dr. Dre contain a security leak due to a stolen cell phone.

The ultimate payout is GTA$ 1,000,000, with additional payouts of GTA$ 10,000 or so after the completion of certain sections. You'll also unlock a Media Stick upon completion.

If you're wondering how to make all this happen, read on for detailed instructions.


How to Unlock The Contract with Dr. Dre

The first thing you'll need to do in order to gain access to this content is to purchase an Agency. Once you do, head to the property and sit through the cutscene.

When you head to your desk computer you'll see that you only have access to Security Contracts. The VIP Contract is what we're looking for in this article. In order to unlock it you just have to successfully complete one Security Contract.

Some time after completing a Security Contract you'll be contacted by Franklin who will tell you to meet him at the Golf Course for a special contract. It begins.

The Contract First Setup Mission: The Golf Course

This setup mission is easy and most of your time will be spent watching cutscenes. If you want some additional instruction, read the steps below.

Note: Once you complete the two setup missions you will not need to do them again. You will instead be able to start immediately with the three lead missions: The The Nightlife Leak, the High Society Leak, and the South Central Leak. The setup missions will still be available to play for fun but will no longer be required.

  • Find Franklin's location, marked on the map with an F, and head over. You'll watch a long cutscene featuring Dr. Dre.
  • After the cutscene you'll find yourself in a golf cart chasing two guys. Ram them with your golf cart until they submit. It's ok if this takes you a while. They will keep circling for a long time, but maybe not forever.
  • There's a meter at the bottom right of the screen that will show you how close you are to full intimidation.
  • Once you've properly intimidated both guys, you'll follow the second one to the pier and serve him a beating. Mission successful.

The Contract Second Setup Mission: Data Recovery

After the golf course setup just wait a minute or two until Franklin contacts you again. Once he does, meet him at the Agency for another cutscene. You will now be able to view the VIP Contract from your desk computer.

There's one more setup mission that needs to be done. You can begin from your desk computer, then follow these steps:

  • You’ll start in a helicopter. Land on top of the skyscraper marked on your map with a yellow dot.
  • Once inside, the communications door is on the far corner to your left. Use one of your hand grenades to blow up the door, then quickly go inside and access the computer.
  • You'll need to fight off enemies while the computer does its thing. It’s easy to stall from this room, simply shooting anyone who comes near the doorway.
  • Once the stall meter on the bottom right of your screen has maxed out you’ll need to find the hard drive. This will be in one of the cabinets against the wall in the room and will appear in a different place randomly each time you play.
  • Now all you have to do is leave the building and lose the cops. Clear the room, then find the exit that’s marked with a yellow dot.
  • From here you have a few choices. You could make your way back to the roof and fly away in your helicopter. Losing the cops from your helicopter will be easy, but getting there might not. You can also jump off the roof and parachute down. This is easy at first and you can then do your regular methods of losing the cops. For example, heading to the sewer or another covered area where they won’t look for you.
  • Once you lose the cops simply head back to the Agency. The mission will be complete and you will get GTA$ 10,000.

You will then have to wait a minute or two until the next stage is ready. You may need to head outside in order to trigger the phone call.

Once you complete this Setup mission and received the phone call, head back inside the Agency and go to your computer. You'll have three leads to follow: The The Nightlife Leak, the High Society Leak, and the South Central Leak. You have to do all three, but you can choose the order. Once you choose one lead, you won’t be able to check out another until that lead mission sequence is complete.

The first two stages of these leads will be solo or just with your immediate crew, but for each finale you’ll have the option to invite up to three other players from across the game to join you.

In between each section you'll need to leave the building to receive a phone call about the next step. Then go inside to initiate it from your computer.

The Nightlife Leak

If you're a decent shot this one should be no problem for you. Each of the three stages are some version of infiltrating a guarded location. Stealth is sometimes an option, shooting always is.

The Nightclub

  • With this one you’ll have two choices–Shoot everyone, or go stealth. To go the old fashioned way, simply drive to the yellow spot on your map and head in. You can still attempt stealth once you’re inside, but it will be a bit trickier.
  • If you’d rather be more stealthy you can get in the nearby cleaning van. It will appear with a van icon on you radar. This option will only be available if you haven't entered the club yet. In our opinion this is not a worthwhile endeavor because you will have to drive out of your way to get the van, then spend time losing the cops, before you can enter the club. The cleaning suit will not do much for keeping you hidden in the tight space, and afterwards you won't have your getaway vehicle of choice parked outside.
  • The tape will be all the way inside the club, upstairs, and through the VIP door, sitting on the desk in the middle of a round room.
  • Once you have the tape, leave the building and head back to the Agency. There will be some enemies following you, but they should be easy enough to evade.

The Marina

  • Head to the marina and find the green speed boat. Watch out: once you start it the security guards nearby will attack.
  • You can either drive the green speed boat or switch to your own vehicle of choice to head out to the yellow question mark in the sea where you’ll find a yacht.
  • Infiltrate the yacht, either in stealth or by force. First you’ll need to get to the bridge to unlock the main cabin, then head back to the main cabin door and go inside.
  • Once inside, watch for enemies as you search for evidence. The evidence will appear in a different place each playthrough.
  • Once you’ve photographed the evidence, you’re done. There will be more guards as you leave, but it doesn’t matter whether you escape alive. If you die, the mission will be complete anyway.


  • Start by heading to the Casino.
  • You’ll be directed to park in the garage and take the elevator up to the penthouse level.
  • Once you’re in the penthouse, head all the way to the back where you’ll find the DJ with a laptop.
  • When you try to take the laptop, the DJ will run and guards with guns will appear.
  • Shoot your way out of the penthouse and through the club to the VIP section where you’ll find the laptop and the DJ.
  • Once you have the laptop you can head out of the casino either through the main gate or the garage.

High Society Leak

The first two stages of this one are a piece of cake. The Finale, however, is one of the more difficult parts of the entire VIP Contract. You'll need all your wits and weapons to pull this one off.

The Country Club

  • Head to the country club marked on your map. When you arrive you’ll see a security keypad and two security cameras on your radar.
  • If you destroy the cameras or are detected by them, you’ll alert the people inside that you’re there. This doesn’t really matter since there are only four, but you can easily avoid being detected by climbing up on the roof and hopping down from there right by the keypad.
  • Hack the keypad. If you’re having trouble completing this hack, it's the Connecting to The Host hack in the Sightseer VIP Mission.
  • Once you’re inside, kill all of the security guards, then hack into one of the computers.
  • Leave the building and you’ll have another location on your map to head to where you’ll need to find a limo.
  • Once you find the limo you have two choices: Either follow the limo without being detected, or apprehend the limo and identify the driver.
  • The latter is self-explanatory; If you choose the former, read on.
  • As you follow the limo you’ll see a detection meter on the bottom right of the screen. All you have to do is stay far enough away from the limo to avoid maximizing that meter.
  • If you patiently follow the limo to its destination you’ll then be prompted to photograph the entrance.
  • After sending the photo, drive away and the mission will be complete.

Guest List

  • Head to the party. The guests will be in the yard around the back side of the house.
  • If you’re seen by a security guard, they will begin shooting. You will need to clear them anyway so you might as well start taking them out immediately.
  • While you’re working on that, you can also notice the lawyer, once you’ve gone near him, will appear as a blue dot on your radar.
  • When it’s safe to do so, equip your stun gun and stun the lawyer.
  • After you’ve taken out all of the security guards, pick up the lawyer, put him in the trunk of his car, and drive the car back to the Agency to complete the mission.


  • You'll start by driving the lawyer's car to a party at the mansion you scoped out in the first stage.
  • As long as you act normal the security guards will ignore you as you enter. Once you reach the party you'll need to wait around a bit while Franklin talks to you on the phone.
  • Eventually you'll be told to trash the party. The best thing to do is find a corner that's easy to defend and start shooting, throwing grenades, etc.
  • Once you've caused enough mayhem your target will leave in a helecopter. Your new objective is to shoot it down.
  • If you can't shoot the helecopter down at the party you'll need to get in a car and follow it. Watch out: You will also be followed and shot at by guards.
  • Continue following the helecopter, getting ahead of it, shooting it, getting back in the car, repeat.
  • If you kill the guards following you new ones will appear. However, if you lure them out of their vehicle without killing them and steal their car, new ones will not spawn.
  • If you can't manage to take down the helecopter in time it will fly to a yacht toward the north end of the island. You will now need to infiltrate the yacht in order to complete the mission.
  • Your target will be outside on the front of the yacht. You'll need to kill him, get his phone, and get out of there in order to complete the mission. Hint: When choosing an escape vehicle, the speed boat is a good choice.

South Central Leak

In this one you'll be spending most of your time clearing high numbers of gang members. If that sounds easy to you, you have nothing to worry about.


  • Head to the location marked on your map.
  • When you get there you’ll meet Vernon, who needs you to do him a favor in exchange for information. Get in the car on the driver's side and head to the new location.
  • When you arrive you’ll see several friends (blue dots) and enemies (red dots) on your map.
  • Take out the enemies, then get in the white van.
  • Drive until you lose the drug dealers and the cops, then head to the final drop-off point marked on your map to complete the mission.

The Ballas

  • Once again you’ll be directed to a location where you’ll meet up with Vernon and drive his Cavalcade to a new location.
  • Again there will be enemies you’ll need to shoot your way through.
  • Once you clear the enemies, don’t worry about the police. Simply follow Vernon to a garage.
  • When you’re inside the garage you’ll see a short cutscene. When the cutscene is over, you’ll be back outside and any police will be gone.
  • Leave the area in any vehicle and the mission will be complete.


  • A car will be waiting for you outside the Agency. Get in it and head to the marked location.
  • Here you’ll see two cars pull out in front of you that you’ll need to follow.
  • When you arrive, there will be enemies to clear.
  • Once the area is mostly cleared, the owner of the car with the phone copy will hop in his car and drive away.
  • Follow the vehicle and eventually he’ll stop with more enemies around. Shoot him, shoot his friends, steal the car.
  • As you bring the car back to the Agency you’ll be pursued by more enemies but they will be easy to lose.

Finale 1

Finale 1 is triggered by walking into the yellow area in the hallway of the Agency, between your desk and Franklin's. At first you think you're just returning Dr. Dre's car to the studio, but there's a surprise waiting for you...

  • Follow the directions to the studio. They'll say you need to keep from damaging Dr. Dre's car but it doesn't actually matter.
  • When you arrive at the studio it will be crawling with gang members. Park and shoot.
  • As you're shooting, cars full of more gang members will arrive. Shoot everyone.
  • Once everyone outside is dead, head inside the studio.
  • There will be more gang members inside, hiding everywhere. As you make your way to the center, watch your back--Enemies will arrive from behind. They'll also show up from doorways and other hiding spots so keep an eye out.
  • When you finally eliminate all of the gang members you'll find Dr. Dre in the mixing room. A party ensues, and that's the end... Or is it?

Finale 2

It's finally here, the final finale. It's been a long road and you've done great. This one is actually shorter and easier than the first finale so just relax and enjoy.

  • Follow the waypoint to the yellow area with a question mark.
  • Stay to the right of that yellow area and drive to the far corner, then turn left.
  • Your target will be in the Mirror Park Railyard. There is a big sign over the entrance.
  • When you arrive you'll watch a short cutscene as your target escapes. You'll then be left to take out a bunch of enemies in the area.
  • More enemies will drive up, take them out too.
  • When you finally take out everyone you'll be instructed to head to the airport.
  • When you arrive there will be an open door into a warehouse, marked with a yellow dot on your radar. Head in, ready to shoot.
  • You'll make your way through the warehouse and into the large hangar area, taking out enemies as you go. Watch out, they're hiding all over the place.
  • When you finally take out everyone, there will just be the main target remaining. He'll be on a raised platform sort of in the center of the hangar. You'll see him on your radar but he'll just look like a regular enemy.
  • As you head up the stairs to him, be careful--He has a gun and he will do his best to shoot you in the face.
  • Shoot him in the legs or something until he falls down.
  • Once he's on the ground, go over and grab him. This will initiate another cutscene.
  • After the cutscene you'll be in the car with Dr. Dre and he'll play you a world premiere track. Enjoy it as you drive him back to the country club where his helecopter awaits.

Congratulations! You've completed this very long VIP Contract with Dr. Dre. Hopefully it was fun, and of course it's always fun to earn GTA$ 1,000,000.