So you've purchased an Agency, completed the VIP Contract with Dr. Dre, maybe even played through the Short Trips. But have you really dug into the Security Contracts? If not, you should. Why? I have two words for you: Passive Income.

That's right, Security Contracts are directly related to the amount of passive income you make from your Agency, capping at GTA$ 20,000 per in-game day (so about every 45 real-life minutes). For doing absolutely nothing that's a pretty sweet deal.

Security Contract Rewards

There are several rewards for completing Agency Security Contracts. Here's the list:

After completing 1 Security Contract unlock the Dr. Dre VIP Contract. After completing 3 Security Contracts unlock Payphone Hits. After completing 5 Security Contracts receive a discount on the Granger 3600LX. After completing 10 Security Contracts receive a discount on the Deity. After completing 15 Security Contracts receive a discount on the Patriot Mil-Spec. After completing 20 Security Contracts receive a discount on the Jubilee. After completing 50 Security Contracts receive a trophy that will sit on your Agency desk. After every 5 completed Security Contracts you'll receive an additional GTA$ 500 passive income in the Agency Safe, capping at GTA$ 20,000 after completing 200 contracts.

Read on to learn the details of every Security Contract mission so you can reach that passive income threshold as soon as possible.


Asset Protection

In the Asset Protection Security Contract you have to keep enemies from destroying certain items. A 10-minute timer will start at the beginning of the mission and your job is to protect as many of the assets as you can for the duration of that time.

This is one of the more time-sensitive Security Contracts as the longer it takes you to get there the more likely an enemy will have successfully destroyed some of the assets. For this reason, you may wish to start out in an aircraft rather than a car so you can quickly get to the required location.

There are three possible locations:

  1. Tongva Hills
  2. Elysian Island
  3. La Mesa

As you protect the product watch out for flame icons on your radar. These are enemies with molotov cocktails, with which they can easily destroy one of the assets.

Gang Termination

For the Gang Termination Security Contract all you need to do is eliminate the gang leaders in a certain area. These leaders will be marked on your radar with a red bullseye.

Once you've eliminated all the leaders, no need to bother with the others. Simply leave the area and your mission will be complete.

Liquidize Assets

For the Liquidize Assets Security Contract you need to find the location of the assets, then destroy them.

For the first part of the mission when you'll be following a target to their destination, it's easiest to use an aircraft. Once you arrive at your destination, go inside the marked building and kill anyone who's inside.

As you make your way through, keep an eye out for the assets you mean to destroy and feel free to shoot them, in addition to your enemies, as you go.

Once all assets and enemies have been destroyed, you'll need to plant three satchel charges in the locations marked on your radar with white icons. Be sure to plant the last one closest to the door because you won't have much time to run.

Lastly, lose the wanted stars. Depending on the difficulty level you'll have either 3 or 4. Once you lose them the mission will be complete.

Recover Valuables

For the Recover Valuables Security Contract you'll be sent to a location to retrieve something that has been stolen from your client. There will, of course, be enemies to take care of.

No matter the location, your goals there will be the same:

  1. Find the safe
  2. Find the safe combination
  3. Retrieve the item from the safe

The safe and the safe code can be in a few different locations. The safe is easy to find and you will likely do so when clearing the buiding. The safe combination can be a little bit trickier but it can only be in one of three locations so once you've played this one enough you'll know exactly where to look. See the picture below for what it might look like.

Once you have the item, more enemies will appear so be ready. They will also be outside, ready to take you out as you make your way to your vehicle. Once you're in your vehicle they will be easy to outrun. Drive back to the Agency and the mission will be complete.

Rescue Operation

For the Rescue Operation Security Contract you'll need to go to the location marked on your map, then look around for your client. There are clues, such as smoke, flares, and blood stains, but these can be difficult to follow.

Your best bet is to listen for gun shots and yelling in order to zero in on the location. But be quick; Your client has a health meter and if they're killed, you fail your mission.

Once you find your client, take out the enemies nearby so that your client will follow you to your vehicle. More enemies will arrive and will follow you as you leave, whether by ground or by air.

Another option is to camp out in place, killing each wave of enemies as they come. Eventually they will stop coming, at which time you'll be free to leave at your leisure.

Either way, you'll need to take your client to a safe house. There are a few different safe house locations. For one of them the map doesn't quite lead you to the correct place. See the picture below for clarification.

Vehicle Recovery

For the Vehicle Recovery Security Contract you'll be directed to a specific location where you'll need to enter a building, take out the enemies, steal back the vehicle, and get away.

There are three potential locations:

  1. Davis
  2. LSIA
  3. Humane Labs

No matter the location, the general gameplay will be the same. Make your way through the building, taking out enemies as you go and keeping an eye out for the stolen vehicle. When you get near the vehicle, it will appear as an icon on your radar.

Once you retrieve the vehicle more enemies will arrive. It's best to leave the vehicle again and take them out before continuing.

Next you'll need to find the switch to open the garage door. It will be located somewhere close to the garage door itself. See the picture below for an example.

Once you've exited the building more enemies will follow. They should be easy to outrun in two out of the three scenarios. In the Humane Labs scenario you'll be driving a very slow van. Instead of trying to outrun the enemies, outsmart them by taking shortcuts and driving off-road, avoiding the freeway.

Once you make it back to the Agency your mission will be complete.