Short Trips is a collection of fun story-based missions in which you and a friend get to play as Franklin and Lamar getting into all kinds of drug-related hijinx.

You'll get GTA$ 50,000 each time you complete a Short Trip mission, plus a bonus of GTA$ 100,000 the first time you complete one as each character. That means if you go play through all three twice right now, once as each character, you're in for GTA$ 900,000 in-pocket.

Most of this is pretty straight-forward, but if you want some extra help or just want to read a full walkthrough, you've come to the right place.

Before you go on, there are a few things to note about Short Trips:

  1. In order to play you MUST have another player.
  2. You will not have any of your regular guns or armor. Snacks, however, you will still be able to use so be sure to stock up.


How to Start Short Trips

It used to be that in order to unlock Short Trips you had to own an Agency and complete the VIP Contract with Dr. Dre. That's no longer the case.

Now you can also initiate Short Trips by going to the Pause Menu > Online > Jobs > Play Job > Rockstar Created > Missions > Short Trip (whichever one you wish to play). All players, no matter their rank, can initiate a Short Trip, even though it says it unlocks at rank 9999.

One thing that hasn't changed is that in order to play Short Trips you MUST play with one other player. So grab a friend or meet someone new and get started!

Short Trip - Seed Capital

Franklin and Lamar find themselves driving into an ambush--Someone is trying to steal their stash! You must do your best to fight them off and protect your property.


  1. The mission starts with a tour of Dr. Dre's studio. After a long cutscene your characters will smoke some strong weed and have an out-of-body experience, becoming Franklin and Lamar.
  2. Once you're Franklin and Lamar, get into the car and follow the waypoint.
  3. When you arrive you'll find an aggressive gang waiting.
  4. The best way to go about taking them out is for one player to make their way down the alley, hiding behind garbage cans, etc., and the other to go around to the right. This way the enemies will be focused on the first player and the second can take them out while taking very little heat.
  5. Once everyone outside is toast, be sure to go take all their guns and bullets before you run inside, but keep your pistols equipped for now.
  6. Inside there will be four more enemies. Kill them easily with your pistols, then run around the room and get extra gear; Guns, bullets, and a first aid kit should be in the shelves. Equip your best weapons for the next part.
  7. You'll watch another long cutscene, after which you'll have to shoot at moving cars outside the back of a truck. You can't move or hide during this segment--All you can do is aim, shoot, and eat snacks. We recommend keeping your snack menu open so you can eat at any time while shooting.
  8. Shoot enough to stay alive until the truck parks at its destination.
  9. This is the final part, in which you'll need to take out more enemies and make your way to the driver of the truck, marked with a red dot.
  10. The driver will spawn in a different location each time you play, but is most likely on a rooftop somewhere. Watch for ladders and stairs to climb up.
  11. Once you kill him, grab the keys and you're done.

Short Trip - Fire It Up

In this one Franklin and Lamar head out to destroy the product of a rival. You can initiate the mission by entering the Recording Studio after having completed Seed Capital, or by going through the Jobs menu as described above.


  • You'll start out as Franklin and Lamar in front of the studio.
  • Take the car and the motorcycle to the way point. You can race if you want, but the game will move into a cut scene whenever the first person arrives.
  • Be sure to equip your guns as soon as you arrive as you'll only have knives equipped and there are enemies nearby.
  • Walk toward the weed warehouse and kill enemies as you go.
  • Once everyone is killed, go inside the warehouse where there will be one more to kill.
  • Next, grab the fertilizer, pour it around all the weed plants, then shoot fertilizer puddles to light it.
  • When the product is destroyed, head back outside where more enemies will be waiting.
  • A Karin Technical will drive up. Shoot the guy on the gun and the driver, then steal the vehicle with one of you on the gun. There will be a lot of enemies to take out.
  • The best way to go about driving to the next location is to take a detour. This way you won't run into any roadblocks of enemies on the way and in general you'll have less at a time.
  • When you arrive at the second warehouse, just keep driving if there are a lot of enemies around. You can circle around several times, taking them out, until it seems safe enough to stop.
  • When you're ready, head into the second warehouse.
  • There won't be anyone waiting in this one so just destroy the product, then steal the van and head out.
  • There will be more enemies on the drive and they'll be very good at maneuvering in your way. Keep going and make sure whoever's riding shotgun is doing their job.
  • Once you reach the city the enemies will disappear and you can drive the rest of the way in peace to Franklin's place.

Short Trip - OG Kush

In the third and final Short Trip Lamar has a business prospect to check out and needs Franklin to come along and watch his back. You can initiate the mission by entering the Recording Studio after having completed Fire It Up, or by going through the Jobs menu as described above.


  • Once again Franklin and Lamar start outside the studio. This time Lamar is showing off his fancy new van.
  • Drive the van to the waypoint destination. On the way Franklin will be dropped off to stake out with a sniper on the top of a crane.
  • Watch the cutscene, then be ready to fight. Lots of enemies will arrive right after the scene.
  • After several waves of enemies, a helecopter will also arrive. Lamar is fairly exposed so try to take it out quickly.
  • Take out all the enemies, then get back in the van.
  • As you drive away, a lot more enemies will try to stop you on the road. Meanwhile, the potmobile you're driving will start smoking and get Franklin and Lamar high AF.
  • Eventually the enemies will drop off and when you arrive at the waypoint you're done. Enjoy the cutscene!

And that's everything you need to know about the Short Trips in GTA V Online. Enjoy!