The 10 daily Hidden Caches are just one of the three types of Daily Collectibles available in GTA V Online. Each Hidden Cache gives you GTA$ 7,500, plus 500 RP for a total of GTA$ 75,000 and 5,000 RP. When you’re rich, the most expensive resource is time. And we’re coming clean here: You have to be rich to be able to afford the vehicles you need in order to find all 10 daily caches in under 20 minutes.

However, even just having some of the vehicles will help, and you can put the others on your buy list for when you can afford it. Even if it takes you closer to an hour to get all 10 hidden caches (which is probably will if you only buy the bare minimum), it's a pretty chill hour that gives a decent payout that requires pretty much no skill. Just put on a podcast and enjoy the scenic ocean views as you cruise around the island of San Andreas.

Still, even the bare minimum requirement, the Kosatka submarine, is pretty steep. If you haven't already, definitely complete all the questlines in our article on how to become a millionaire when first starting GTA Online. That will give you a good head start.

We’ll start this article with a breakdown of everything we recommend you purchase, including the cost and in order of necessity. Next we’ll explain how to actually get the 10 hidden caches with them. Then we’ll give you some cheaper alternatives, though they won’t be as efficient, and lastly we’ll give you a quick breakdown on the return on your investments.

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Recommended Vehicles to Find All 10 Daily Caches in Under 20 Minutes

1. Kosatka Submarine with Sonar Station - GTA$ 2,200,000 + GTA$ 1,200,000

The Kosatka and Sonar Station are what this entire method is built around, so this purchase is non-negotiable. If you can't afford it, you won't be able to do this method. If you could afford it but aren't sure it's worth the money, you might want to skip down to the Return on Investment Breakdown just to make sure.

2. Seabreeze amphibious plane - GTA$ 1,130,500

The Seabreeze will speed things up considerably and is necessary if you want to find all 10 caches in under 20 minutes. However, you can still find them somewhat quickly using other methods, as discussed in the [Cheaper Alternatives] section.

3. Sparrow Moon Pool helicopter - GTA$ 1,815,000

The Moon Pool Sparrow is an uptional upgrade to the Kosatka. Because it's stored on the submarine itself, it's a quick (and fun) way to travel from the Kosatka to the Seabreeze and isn't really necessary. It probably saves you a few minutes compared with leaving the Kosatka via dinghy, but you could still find the caches pretty quickly without it.

Total: GTA$ 6,345,500

How to Find the 10 Hidden Caches in Under 20 Minutes

  1. Start on the submarine, go to the control station on the Bridge and into Drive mode.
  2. Toggle the Sonar to ON. You’ll know it’s on because you’ll hear that repeating sonar beeping sound.
  3. Open your map and you’ll see treasure chests blinking at various spots around the map.
  4. Mark each of these as a point of interest so that they’ll be easy to get back to later when you’re not in an awkwardly huge submarine.
  5. Before leaving the submarine, make sure to put on your scuba gear!
  6. Head to the Moon Pool and fly the Sparrow to shore.
  7. Request the Seabreeze (you will have made this your personal aircraft already).
  8. Using the Seabreeze, fly to each location you previously marked on your map, land in the water, and collect the caches. The plane is fast and you should be done quite quickly!

Cheaper Alternatives

Although you won't be able to go quite as quickly, below is a list of alternatives to save a bit of cash.

Ditch the Sparrow

The Sparrow Moon Pool vehicle is not necessary. You can simply drive a dinghy from the submarine to shore, it just won’t be quite as fast. Still, you’ll most likely only lose a minute or two.

New Total: GTA$ 4,530,500

Get a Cheaper Seaplane

Instead of the quite expensive Seabreeze, you could get the Dodo for just GTA$ 500,000. It won’t be as fast as the Seabreeze, but it’ll do the job.

New Total: GTA$ 3,900,000

No Seaplane

You can even still get all the caches by just driving the submarine or the dinghy around to all the hidden cache locations. This will likely take you closer to an hour, but it is the cheapest option when using this method, since your only purchase will be the Kosatka submarine and Sonar Station.

New total: GTA$ 3,400,000

Consider Sales and Discounts

If this still seems too expensive for you, then keep an eye out for the sales and discounts that come each week with the GTA Weekly Updates. They’re always having sales on various items, and this will inevitably happen with the Kosatka, its add-ons, and the Seabreeze. All you have to do is wait.

You can also get a trade discount on planes by completing 36 Air Freight Cargo source missions, so that could be a fun goal too.

Return on Investment Breakdown

It’s important for you to remember that, unless there's a special bonus from a GTA Weekly Update, each hidden cache is only GTA$ 7,500 and 500 RP. That means that after finding all 10 you will have earned GTA$ 75,000 and 5,000 RP, which, for 20 minutes of work, isn't too bad. However, let’s look at how long it would take you to earn back all the cash you spent on those vehicles.

If you buy all three vehicles listed at the top of this article and find the 10 hidden caches every single day, it will take you 84.6 days, or a little under three months, to make that money back up.

However, these vehicles will of course be useful for other purposes, especially the Kosatka. The Cayo Perico Heist, which is the real purpose of the Kosatka, has a payout of $1,078,000 minimum, and as much as $4,570,600 if you complete all of the optional objectives.

Plus there will periodically be events with the GTA Weekly Updates in which you can get even more valuable treasure in this heist such as the Panther Statue that's worth GTA$ 1,900,000 on its own. And on top of that all earnings from the heist might be doubled or even tripled!

So as you can see, there’s still a lot of earning potential from the Kosatka that could more than make up for the cost in the long run. Our recommendation is spend what you can afford now, then when you become ultra-rich from the Cayo Perico heist buy the rest.