So you want to buy a Bunker. That’s great! If handled correctly, bunkers are one of the better money-making businesses in the game, especially if you use it with this special trick to make GTA$ 2.4 million in a couple of hours of gameplay.

In this article we’ll describe the ins and outs of Bunker life, from choosing a location to allocating supplies to delivering goods.


The Basics of Bunkers

When you own a Bunker you make money by building weapons you can then sell. The way it works is first you get supplies, either by buying or stealing it, then you wait while your bunker employees make weapons. Once you have enough stock, you’ll go on sell missions to get the profit.

This can be extremely profitable for a small amount of game play, especially if you can time it so when you’re away from the game living your real life you can leave it on AFK while your stock is building up.

Bunker Expenses

Purchasing a Bunker is an investment. The upfront cost is high--Between GTA$ 1,165,000 and GTA$ 2,275,000 for the initial purchase depending on location, plus GTA$ 1,748,500 for upgrades to get it functioning optimally. That's a total of GTA$ 2,913,500-GTA$ 4,023,500.

The daily fees are pretty high too, so make sure you’re going to make it worth it.

Here’s a quick list of what fees you can expect to pay per day while owning a Bunker:

  • GTA$ 4,700 Base cost
    • GTA$ 1,600 with Equipment Upgrade
    • GTA$ 2,325 with Staff Upgrade
    • GTA$ 775 with Security Upgrade

Total with all upgrades: GTA$ 9,400 per day in fees.

Lastly, it will cost GTA$ 75,000 each time you resupply, if you don't choose to steal the supplies. It’s always good to be aware of any expenses before going into a new enterprise, but also know that if you decide the financial weight is too much for you, you can always shut down the business.

Bunker Profit

One supply purchase will take 2.5 hours to create GTA$ 210,000 worth of stock. Let's work out what your profit is from that after subtracting expenses.

The sell missions take between 5 and 30 minutes to complete so you're looking at paying 3 hours total in-game time at most, during which you'd be charged fees (GTA$ 9,400) two or three times. See the math below:

  • GTA$ 210,000 Sell Price
    • $GTA 75,000 Supplies cost
    • $GTA 9,400 Fees x 3 = GTA$ 28,200

Total Profit: GTA$ 106,800

And remember, that GTA$ 10k+ profit is for only 5-30 minutes of actual work--The rest of that time you'll spend in game either working on other things or AFK.

And there's one more thing: If you successfully make a sale while there are other players in the session, you'll get an additional "High Demand" bonus. It's something like 1% bonus for each player who's not a member of your organization, capping at 25%.

So you could potentially add up to an additional GTA$ 52,500 to the above profit. And that's just from one supply purchase. A Bunker full of stock can go for GTA$ 2,200,000, excluding fees and bonuses.

Hopefully you're starting to see the potential for easy profit from this endeavor. Read on to learn how to get this set up for yourself.

Bunker Locations

There are 11 Bunker locations. These will unlock on the Maze Bank Foreclosures website after you get an initial phone call from Agent 14.

The insides all look the same so you only have three criteria to consider when purchasing: Cost, crowd, and location.

Here’s a list of all of the Bunker locations:

  • Paleto Forest (GTA$ 1,165,000)--This is on the very North end of San Andreas, but is a solid choice due to being the least expensive, and its remote location means you are unlikely to encounter other players nearby unless they also use this Bunker. Note: This location is included with the Crimminal Enterprise Starter Pack.
  • Raton Canyon (GTA$ 1,450,000)--On the bank of the Alamo Sea, this bunker is slightly better located than the Paleto Forest, while still being a pretty good deal. Many also enjoy the view here.
  • Lago Sancudo (GTA$1,550,000)--Located on the beach on the west side of Fort Zancudo. Because of its proximity to the river it can be a little annoying to get in and out of, which is perhaps why it’s not a very popular choice.
  • Chumash (GTA$ 1,650,000)--Just off the northwest side of Barbareno Road, this is one of the most popular locations due to its proximity to Los Santos. However, popularity can work against you as if you run into other players using the same Bunker altercations are likely and could result in destroyed merchandise.
  • Grapeseed (GTA$ 1,750,000)--This Bunker is located west of the McKenzie Field airstrip, in Grapeseed. You would think proximity to an airstrip would be a plus but you will always be supplied vehicles for sell missions so having an airstrip nearby makes no difference.
  • Route 68 (GTA$ 1,950,000)--This is another popular choice due to its central location on the west side of the Grand Senora Desert and because it's less expensive than other Bunkers in this area.
  • Grand Senora Oilfields (GTA$2,035,000)--Very close to the Route 68 Bunker (just a bit to the east), there’s not really much point in spending the extra $85,000 on this one.
  • Grand Senora Desert (GTA$ 2,120,000)--Also in the same area as the two above Bunkers but still more expensive. If you want to splurge, we don’t recommend doing so on this Bunker.
  • Smoke Tree Road (GTA$ 2,205,000)--This Bunker comes recommended by some players, partly because it tends to be less crowded than some others. It also has a pretty straight shot to Los Santos via Senora Freeway.
  • Thomson Scrapyard (GTA$2,290,000)--Located just southeast of the Smoke Tree Road Bunker, this is even closer to the freeway, which is probably why it’s more expensive.
  • Farmhouse (GTA$ 2,375,000)--Almost as close to Los Santos as the Chumash bunker, this is probably the best location choice if you also have Motorcycle Club businesses in the same area. However, convenience in this case comes with a price tag.

A Few More Points About Bunker Locations

If you also have (or plan to attain) Motorcycle Club businesses, which work in a similar way to Bunkers, it can be convenient to keep all of these businesses in the same area. The best way to do that is to purchase one of the six Bunkers in the Grand Senora Desert (and the Motorcycle Clubhouse and businesses in that area as well). As noted above, the Farmhouse Bunker is the best option in this situation.

Changing Bunker Locations

If you get a Bunker in one location and decide you’d like to switch, you will get a 50% refund on what you paid for the first bunker, but no refund on any upgrades or renovations. You’ll also lose any incomplete research, but keep any items you already unlocked through research. You’ll also keep the Mobile Operations Center and/or Anti-Aircraft Trailer if you have those.

Bunker Upgrades and Renovations

Upgrades and renovations for all Bunkers are exactly the same, regardless of location.

Bunker Renovations

Renovations happen on the Maze Bank website when purchasing your Bunker, but if you don’t do it then you can always go back to the website and add more renovations later.

None of the renovations affect how much money you will make from your Bunker so if that’s your primary concern, skip the renovations.

List of Renovations:

  • Styles (GTA$ 215,000 for Style 2, GTA$ 290,000 for Style 3)--These are purely aesthetic and serve no purpose in actual gameplay. If you purchase Style 2 or 3 but want to switch back to Style 1, that will cost GTA$ 175,000.
  • Personal Quarters (GTA$ 265,000)--The primary reason for personal quarters is so you can set it as a spawn location, which can be quite convenient but is by no means necessary. You’ll also have a closet where you can change clothes.
  • Shooting Range (GTA$ 740,000)--In addition to increasing your shooting skill in your own private shooting range, you can also complete challenges here which unlock certain rewards.
  • Gun Locker (GTA$ 175,000)--This renovation may be worth it if you have an overabundance of weapons. If not, don’t waste your money.
  • Transportation (GTA$ 85,000 for Caddy 1, GTA$ 120,000 for Caddy 2)--These save you almost no time, and as far as we can tell there’s no difference between the two Caddies besides that the second one is more likely to get stuck Austin Powers-style in tight corridors. If you really want fast travel in the Bunker you’re better off driving your motorcycle in and using that. SKIP.

Bunker Upgrades

Upgrades are made through Disruption Logistics, the menu on your Bunker computer. These are WAY more important than renovations and directly impact how much money you will make.

They also work basically the same as the upgrades for Motorcycle Club businesses so if you’re already familiar with those, you know what you need to do.

List of Bunker Upgrades:

  • Staff Upgrade (GTA$ 598,500)--Increases production efficiency--Get it ASAP!
  • Equipment Upgrade (GTA$ 1,150,000)--Increases production efficiency--Get it ASAP!
  • Security Upgrade (GTA$ 351,000)--Protects your stock from occasional NPC raids. These don’t happen often, but when they do they can be super annoying so if/when it happens to you you’ll probably wish you had purchased this.

The Bunker Supply Chain

Now that you have your Bunker and (hopefully) your upgrades, you’re ready to start actual Bunker work--Gunrunning.

The first thing you need to do is buy Supplies. Yes, we said buy. You can steal it if that sounds fun to you, but it’s actually a better investment of your time to just spend the GTA$ 75,000 and buy the supplies. Trust us.

Depending on your upgrades, it’ll take 2 hours or less for one order of supplies to be used up. At that point you should resupply and consider selling your stock.

On your Bunker computer menu you’ll see the option to Manage Staff. If the staff is assigned to manufacturing, they will make stock faster, and thus make you money faster. This is what is recommended if you want to make money with your Bunker.

However, once you’ve made enough money or have other income channels you can use for a while, you can unlock some awesome stuff by assigning your staff to research. It’s generally best if you choose one or the other rather than assigning staff to both.

Selling Bunker Product

When you start a sell mission you’ll start outside of your bunker. Nearby you’ll find a delivery vehicle chosen at random. Your mission is to drive the vehicle to the drop-off location(s) within the given time limit. If you do so successfully without the delivery vehicle getting destroyed, you’ve completed the mission and will immediately receive the payment in your Maze Bank account.

These sell missions can take as little as 5 minutes or as much as 30. Most average at about 20. The value, especially with a fully upgraded Bunker, will generally be in the GTA$ 100,000-GTA$ 200,000+ range depending on how much stock you’re selling. So you can see this is quite a lucrative business.

Bunker Lifestyle

The rhythm of Bunker life goes like this: When you start playing, purchase supplies and sell stock if you have any. Then play for a few hours (or go AFK) as your new supplies get used and your stock refills. Rinse, repeat.

Depending on how much you play you could repeat this process several times per day leading to close to GTA$ 1 million daily profit (real life days, not GTA days). Combine this with Motorcycle Club businesses since they have the same daily pattern and you’ll be super rich in no time.