Login Bonus:
  • Receive GTA$ 500,000 and the Still Slipping Friend Tee for logging any time before December 2nd.
Free Items:
  • Complete any Cayo Perico Heist prep mission this week to unlock the Orange Glow Shades.
  • Complete the Cayo Perico Heist Finale to unlock the Orange Skull Emissive Mask.
Returning Content:
  • The highly coveted panther statue will be available as a primary target for everyone's first playthrough of the Cayo Perico Heist this week.

LS Car Meet:

Prize Ride Weekly Challenge:
  • Place Top 5 in Pursuit Series races for 4 days in a row to win the Annis ZR350.
Vehicles Available to Test Ride:
  • Pfister Comet S2
  • Karin Calico GTF
  • Vapid Dominator ASP

New Podium Vehicle: The new podium vehicle is the Grotti Visione.

Double $/RP:
  • A Superyacht Life Missions
  • Kart Krash: Full Auto Mode
  • Overtime Rumble Adversary Mode

Weekly Discounts:

Properties 35% off
Vehicles 40% off
  • Weaponized Dinghy (GTA$ 1,110,000)
  • Patrol Boat (GTA$ 1,773,000 - GTA$ 1,329,750)
  • Veto Classic (GTA$ 537,000)
  • Veto Modern (GTA$ 597,000)
  • Slamtruck (GTA$ 786,000)
Black Friday Sale:
  • 40% off on all Super Yachts and their Upgrades, Renovations, and Modifications, November 26th-29th.
Time Trial:
  • Vinewood Hills, Par Time 02:35:00
RC Bandito Time Trial:
  • Cypress Flats, Par Time 01:30.00
Premium Race:
  • Ant to Ant
Twitch Prime Bonuses:
  • GTA$ 100,000