Owning a Motorcycle Clubhouse opens a lot of doors in GTA V Online. In addition to the specific MC Club jobs and businesses it unlocks, it allows you to become an MC President. As an MC President you can complete other missions as well, such as completing Bunker Sell Missions.

Read on to learn everything you need to know to make an informed decision on your Motorcycle Clubhouse property purchase, as well as how to properly run it.


Motorcycle Clubhouse Locations and Renovations

Motorcycle clubs are purchaseable on the Maze Bank Foreclosures website. Read below for the specifics when purchasing.

Motorcycle Club Locations and pricing

  • Great Chaparral Clubhouse, 101 Route 68 (GTA$ 200,000).
  • Sandy Shores Clubhouse, 47 Algonquin Boulevard (GTA$ 210,000).
  • Grapeseed Clubhouse, 2111 East Joshua Road (GTA$ 225,000).
  • Paleto Bay Clubhouse, 1 Paleto Boulevard (GTA$ 242,000).
  • Paleto Bay Clubhouse, 68 Paleto Boulevard (GTA$ 250,000).
  • Del Perro Beach Clubhouse, 7 Del Perro Beach (GTA$ 365,000).
  • Vespucci Beach Clubhouse, 4 Goma Street (GTA$ 395,000).
  • Rancho Clubhouse, 1334 Roy Lowenstein Boulevard (GTA$ 420,000).
  • La Mesa Clubhouse, 137 Capital Boulevard (GTA$ 449,000).
  • Downtown Vinewood Clubhouse, 2214 Clinton Avenue (GTA$ 472,000).
  • Pillbox Hill Clubhouse, 75 Elgin Avenue (GTA$ 455,000).
  • Hawick Clubhouse, 1778 Hawick Avenue (GTA$ 495,000).

Motorcycle club Renovations

Style Options Variations:

  • Default (free).
  • Wall Style B (GTA$ 138,000).
  • Wall Hanging B (GTA$ 98,000).
  • Furinture Option B (GTA$ 164,000)


  • Mural 1 (free)
  • Mural 2 (GTA$ 86,000)
  • Mural 3 (GTA$ 93,000)
  • Mural 4 (GTA$ 99,500)
  • Mural 5 (GTA$ 106,000)
  • Mural 6 (GTA$ 112,500)
  • Mural 7 (GTA$ 119,000)
  • Mural 8 (GTA$ 132,000)
  • Mural 9 (GTA$ 150,000)

Club Emblem:

  • MC Eagle (GTA$ 50,000)
  • Lightning Skull (GTA$ 51,500)
  • Clower with Skull (GTA$ 53,000)
  • Falming Brass Kuckles (GTA$ 54,500)
  • Uptown Riders (GTA$ 56,000)
  • Fox and Baseball bats (GTA$ 57,000)
  • City Sunset and Thunder (GTA$ 59,000)
  • Pair of Dice (GTA$ 60,5000)
  • Mod Emblem (GTA$ 62,000)

Club Name:

  • Pick your Club name. You can choose between 13 fonts and 8 different colors.

Gun Locker:

  • Manage your weapons from the convenience of your club. (GTA$ 320,000)

Custom Bike Shop:

  • Allows you to fully customize motorcycles the same way you can at Los Santos Customs and Benny's Original Motor Works. (GTA$ 530,000)

Motorcycle Club Jobs

Clubhouse Contracts

The meeting room in your Clubhouse launches Clubhouse Contracts — Freemode missions for you and your MC members to earn GTA$ and RP through a wide range of activites. There are 11 missions total, but only three will be available at a given time, rotating periodically.

Club & Member Challenges

Challenge your MC members to compete against each other or challenge another MC to a duel. Launch Club Challenges and Club Work via the Motorcycle Club President section of the Interaction Menu to go up against a rival gang, take part in a deathmatch, compete to eliminate targets, and more.

Motorcycle Club Businessess

There are five businesses available, each with their own locations to choose from:

Weed Farm Counterfeit Cash Factory Document Forgery Office Cocaine Lockup Methamphetamine Lab

In your Clubhouse office, you’ll find a laptop that gives you full access to The Open Road. This website allows you to acquire a number of illegal businesses. Once a business is stocked with supplies, it will begin creating product over time. Watch out for police raids or other attacks, in which case you’ll need to defend your product.

Once purchased and the initial setup mission is completed, head over to your business and use its laptop to upgrade staff, equipment, and security. When you’re ready, trade your goods for a profit by launching a Sell Mission.