The two daily treasure chests are just one of the three types of Daily Collectibles available in GTAV Online. They're located on Cayo Perico island and are usually easy to find. They will reward you with GTA$ 15,000 each, as well as 1,000 RP, and the entire process will usually take around 10-15 minutes.

You can of course get a similar payout in the same amount of time just from doing a couple of VIP Missions, but if those are getting old for you this can be a nice way to switch things up.

Read on to learn the step by step process of finding the two treasure chest daily collectibles on Cayo Perico island.

1. Unlock Cayo Perico Island

Of course, in order to even get started you'll have to gain access to Cayo Perico island. You can do this by puchasing the Kosatka submarine and starting the Cayo Perico Heist.

In the first step of the heist, you'll be traveling to the island to collect intel. This is the best time to collect the treasure chests and you can go to the island as many times as you want whether or not you've completed the rest of the heist.

You can also find the chests during the finale step of the heist, but you would have to complete all of the previous steps first, then finish the finale mission rather than leaving right after finding the chests. One upside to doing it during the finale is that if you choose the drainage tunnel as your infiltration point you will start out in a scuba suit, which makes getting the under water treasure chests a little easier.

2. Look Up Today's Treasure Chest Locations

Each day the Cayo Perico treasure chests will be in new locations, but these will be the same locations for all players that day. This is great because it means as long as someone has found them and posted the locations somewhere online, you hardly have to do any work to collect them yourself.

Note that the treasure chest locations reset at 6am UTC. This will help you figure out whether the locations someone has posted are current.

There are only 19 different possible treasure chest spawn locations: 10 on land and 9 in the water. This means even if you can't find a post about today's locations you can still find them yourself without too much trouble, though it will take a bit longer.

See the picture below for all treasure chest locations. Green are on land, blue are in the water.

3. Make Your Way to The Treasure Chest Locations

As mentioned before, the way to get to Cayo Perico is by beginning the Cayo Perico heist from the control room in the Kosatka submarine. If you haven't already done this you'll have to sit through some cut scenes the first time through.

Once you're on Cayo Perico island and haven't yet completed the full heist at least once, you'll need to sneak out of the party area. This can easily be done by paying attention to where the guards are and running to the gate (marked with a yellow dot on the map) when they're not looking. If you've already completed the heist it's even easier as you'll start at the very lightly guarded airport.

Like the shipwreck treasure and other treasure hunts, you will hear a bell ringing when you start to get close to one of the treasure chest locations. Then if you're playing on a console you'll start feeling a vibration that increases in speed as you get closer.

The treasure chests are pretty small and sometimes difficult to see so you'll have to look carefully. Also, the under water chests will be much easier to locate if your lung capacity skill is maxed out. Luckily this can be done pretty easily.

And that's it. You now know how to quickly get an extra GTA$ 30,000 each day by finding treasure. Enjoy!