The Arcade is one of the three properties that provides truly passive income. For this reason alone, it's a nice one to have. However, it also provides a few other perks including the Master Control Terminal, the Drone Station, and of course access to the Diamond Casino Heist.

Read this article if you want to make the most informed decisions as you navigate the purchase of your Arcade.


How to Unlock the Arcade Property

As you make your way through the world in GTA V Online you will at some point receive a text from an unknown number. It says, "This is Lester Crest. Meet me at Mirror Park. We have something to discuss."

Head to Mirror Park, which will be marked with a green L. There you'll find Lester, who knows as little about what's going on as you do. Watch the cutscene to learn what's really going on.

When the cutscene is over you'll have access to Arcade properties on the Maze Bank Foreclosures website.

Arcade Locations and Renovations

As with any property in GTA V Online, you will need to make some choices when purchasing. Read below if you need help with these decisions.

Choosing an Arcade Location

Again, as with other properties, the Arcade is exactly the same on the inside no matter which location you choose. There will be two main differences between locations: The time it takes to get to and from your Arcade, and the way the Arcade looks on the outside.

Since you will want to periodically stop by your arcade to pick up passive income, we recommend purchasing a location in the city of Los Santos, or wherever you spend most of your time in the game. The cheapest city location is Videogeddon in La Mesa.

The different locations all have different names and different external designs. If this is important to you, pay close attention to the pictures when shopping around, or even consider visiting the locations before making your final decision.

Arcade Renovations

As mentioned above, most of the Arcade renovations are purely aesthetic. Pick whatever you want or skip them to save money. The only options that will have an effect on gameplay are Extras and Garage.


The extras section consists of the Living Quarters and the High Score Screens. Actually, only the Living Quarters really has an effect and that effect is that you'll have an option to spawn at your Arcade, which is nice if you intend to make use of the Master Control Terminal, or if you want an easy way to pick up your passive earnings right at the beginning of a session.


As you can probably guess, the Garage is useful if you want to be able to store vehicles at your Arcade. This is particularly useful if you intend to frequently spawn at your Arcade for the reasons mentioned above.

Arcade Setup Mission

Once you purchase your arcade, head over there to start setting it up. You'll watch a long cutscene, giving you a tour of the premises. Once the tour ends, register as a CEO and head to the laptop in your arcade.

At this point you will only have one option on the laptop: To start the Setup Mission. This mission is fairly straightforward. You'll have to travel to a location, then track down a stolen truck, stop it, steal it back, take it back to the arcade.

Once this mission is complete you'll watch another cutscene where Lester will introduce you to the Diamond Casino Heist. At this point your Arcade will be fully operational.

Arcade Games and Upgrades

If you want to get the most out of your Arcade, the games and upgrades are essential. You can find these add-ons by accessing your Arcade computer after finishing the initial Setup Mission.

Arcade Games

The purpose of purchasing Arcade games, beyond the fun of playing them in your Arcade, is to make more passive income. The more games you have, the more customers, thus the more cash will be deposited into your Arcade safe each day. It's a pretty hefty investment upfront, but if you intend to clock in a lot of hours then it will eventually pay for itself with no additional work on your part.

Arcade Upgrades

There are two Arcade upgrades: The Master Control Terminal and the Drone Station. Read below to decide whether these are something you need in your life.

The Master Control Terminal

Are you sick of having to travel to your Bunker, Hangar, Nightclub, Motorcycle Club businesses, etc. just to see how they're doing? Well then this is for you. With the Master Control Terminal you can check on the status of all of your businesses from one convenient location.

You can also complete important tasks such as purchasing supplies or upgrades and even initiating sell missions, though your product will still appear by the actual business so this may not be the best idea, depending on the locations of your businesses.

Drone Station

The Drone Station is pretty sweet because you and a friend can enjoy flying drones all over the map. With purchase of this station you will also have a drone in your inventory at all times that you can use from any location.

The Diamond Casino Heist

As soon as you've completed the Arcade setup mission you'll see a cutscene introducing the planning area for the Diamond Casino Heist. There will be three white boards for planning; Setup, Prep, and Finale.

Everything on the white boards should be pretty self-explanatory, but if you want some extra help, check out our article on the quickest and easiest way to complete the Diamond Casino Heist. Note: You will need at least one other player in order to complete the finale.

And there you have it. We hope this article has been hopeful in walking you through the process of purchasing your very own Arcade property. Now look forward to watching the passive income come flowing in!