Purchasing a Nightclub will open several doors for you. First of all, it will give you an easy, in-town way to sell product from your various businesses, including MC Club businesses and the Bunker. All of these combined are also used in this special trick to make GTA$ 2.4 million in a couple of hours of gameplay

It also unlocks the Terrorbyte, which if purchased unlocks even more fun opportunities.

The Nightclub is also one of the three properties that provides truly passive income. Daily income will show up in your safe, waiting for you to retrieve it when convenient.

However, it will take some work on your part if you want that daily income stream to be more than a trickle. Read this article to learn everything you need to know from purchasing to maintaining a thriving Nightclub.


Nightclub Locations and Renovations

Nightclubs are purchaseable on the Maze Bank Foreclosures website. Read below for the particulars when purchasing.

Nightclub Locations

There are 10 options of Nightclub location. As with other properties, the inside of the Nightclub will remain the same no matter where it is, so your choice is a matter of distance from other points of interest. Note that you won't be spending much time traveling to and from the Nightclub so you won't lose much time by simply choosing the cheapest location.

Nightclub Renovations

There are 6 types of renovations options when purchasing a Nightclub. Most of then are for aesthetic purposes only. Storage is the only one that has a function in the game. That function is for storing goods (see How to Sell Goods From the Nightclub), or vehicles in your garage. If you plan to use this aspect of the Nightclub, expanding your storage is highly recommended.

Once you purchase your Nightclub you'll have a few setup missions to do but they should be fast and easy.

How to Get Passive Income From Nightclub Management

Like the Agency and the Arcade, the Nightclub accrues completely passive income, which you can pick up from a safe on the premises at your convenience. However, the amount you will accrue depends on your Nightclub's popularity, which is not quite so passive. Read on to learn how to keep your Nightclub's popularity high.

How to Run a Popular Nightclub

1. Complete Club Promotion Missions

To begin a mission promoting your club simply go to the Nightclub computer, select Nightclub Management, and click Promote Club. You will then begin one of several mission options, all of which will usually take around 5-10 minutes.

One Club Promotion Mission will increase your Nightclub Popularity by around 20%. Also, this one does not need to be completed in a public session so keep that in mind if you're having trouble with griefers.

2. Change Your Resident DJ

Hiring a new DJ costs GTA$ 100,000 and requires a DJ recruitment mission. However, every time you hire a new DJ it will fully increase your Nightclub Popularity.

If you change back to a previous DJ it will cost GTA$ 10,000 and increase your Nightclub Popularity by 10%.

3. Purchase the Staff Upgrade

The Staff Upgrade will make it so your Nightclub popularity decreases at a slower rate.

Nightclub Warehouse Management

Your Nightclub can function like a miniature hub for selling goods. It's like the MC Club businesses, Cargo Warehouse, and Bunker all combined but with less profit per mission. However, you must already own those businesses before you can start using them with your Nightclub. Read on to learn more.

How to Make Money from the Nightclub Warehouse

1. Hire Warehouse Technicians and Assign Them to Businesses

There are 7 different potential businesses you can bring in to the Nightclub Warehouse, but only 5 workers. This means you should pick the best 5 businesses to use here, or if you don't own them all, just assign whichever ones you do own.

Warehouse Technician cost:

  • Tech 1: Free with setup
  • Tech 2: GTA$ 141,000
  • Tech 3: GTA$ 184,500
  • Tech 4: GTA$ 240,500
  • Tech 5: GTA$ 312,000 Total: GTA$ 878,000

The top 5 earning businesses are:

2. Consider Renovations and Upgrades

If you want to get the absolute most out of your Nightclub Warehouse, you're going to want to purchase some renovations and upgrades. There's one Renovation, accessed by selecting your Nightclub at the Maze Bank Foreclosures website, and three Upgrades, accessed from your Nightclub computer. Note: If the prices seem steep, you can always wait until they go on sale. Keep an eye on our Weekly Updates page.

Here's a list of what to get and why:

  • Storage - This Renovation will add extra floors to your storage facility so that more goods can accumulate between sell missions. Only adding floors to the storage facility will make a difference; Don't bother with adding floors to the garage unless you have an overabundance of vehicles.
  • Equipment Upgrade - This will make your warehouse technicians create goods more quickly. (GTA$ 1,425,000)
  • Staff Upgrade - This will cause your Nightclub popularity to decrease more slowly--This doesn't effect your Warehouse profits but is still nice to have. (GTA$ 475,000)
  • Security Upgrade - This will decrease the likelihood of losing product from raids to your Nightclub. (GTA$ 695,000)

3. Sell Goods

After some time the workers you've hired will have accrued the goods. At this point in order to make money you'll need to complete sell missions, just like in the regular versions of those businesses.

However, unlike all your separate businesses, you have the option to sell all of the different types of goods at once, saving a lot of time but making less money. It's up to you to decide how valuable your time is.

You can initiate sell missions by going to your Nightclub office computer, selecting Sell Goods, then choosing whether to sell them one at a time or all at once. Note that you will have to complete these missions in a public session.

And there you have it. Although the Nightclub can seem complicated at first, it's a fairly simple and easy business to run. Party on!