Do you ever get sick of completing mission after mission just to earn some cash? Ever wish you could just hunt for Daily Collectibles, finally track down all those Playing Cards or Signal Jammers, or even track down all 10 Exotic Exports as your coffers slowly fill themselves?

Well you actually can. There are a few ways to have completely passive income in GTA V Online. They aren't going to make you as much money as quickly as some of the missions (such as, of course, the Cayo Perico Heist), but you can do whatever you want, as long as your in the game, and money will slowly trickle in.

Some places on the internet will tell you that the Bunker or the Motorcycle Club businesses give you passive income. They would be wrong. Although some aspects of those businesses are passive, you still need to complete missions in order to add actual money to your actual bank account.

Here we're talking about completely passive income, where the money shows up no matter what you do in the game. When maxed out you have the potential of making an extra GTA$ 36,000 per GTA day, or every 48 minutes of gameplay. That might not seem like much but it adds up.

Of course, as with most things, setting up passive income isn't free. Each passive income stream requires some combination of money and time upfront. But the sooner you set it up, the more potential of future rewards. Read on to learn how.

The Three Passive Income Businesses

At this point in GTA V Online there are three businesses from which you can make passive income: The Agency, The Arcade, and The Nightclub.

Each of these businesses functions slightly differently and has a different earning potential. Below we'll give you a quick rundown of the potential daily income per GTA day, the method of increasing that income, and the overall cash and time investment needed:

The Agency

  • Max Daily Passive Income: GTA$ 20,000
  • Method of Increasing Income: Complete Security Contracts
  • Cash Investment: Price of Agency Property Only
  • Time Investment: Around 30-35 Hours to Complete 201 Security Contracts

The Arcade

  • Max Daily Passive Income: GTA$ 6,000
  • Method of Increasing Income: Purchase Arcade Machines
  • Cash Investment: GTA$ $6,967,500 for all Arcade Machines + Price of Arcade Property
  • Time Investment: Property Purchase and Setup Time Only

The Nightclub

  • Max Daily Passive Income: GTA$ 10,000
  • Method of Increasing Income: Variable
  • Cash Investment: Variable
  • Time Investment: Variable

Is The Nightclub Really Passive?

Ok so if you want to keep things simple, you'll do great with the GTA$ 26,000 income from the Agency and the Arcade.

The Nightclub is a little different. While it technically does give you passive income, in order to keep the amount maxed out you will have to repeatedly complete missions.

There are two ways to repeatedly increase Nightclub popularity: Either complete Nightclub Promotion missions, which are free but take anywhere from 5 to 15 minutes, or hire a new DJ.

The first time you hire a new DJ you'll have to do a mission to pick them up, spend GTA$ 100,000, and it will max out your Nightclub popularity. After that it will cost you only GTA$ 10,000 to switch back to DJs you've already hired in the past and you'll still get a Nightclub popularity boost. Of course, this cuts into your passive income.

Tip: If you are going the DJ route and re-hiring one you've already hired in the past, be sure to hire them from one of your warehouse storage computers. This saves you the time of watching a cutscene of the DJs switching out.

So there you have it. You now know exactly what you need to do in order to set up some nice passive income for yourself. At the very least it will cover your daily expenses, but if it's all maxed out it will add up to much more than that. Enjoy your leisure time!